Into and Over It: 2015 Edition

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• House of Cards. We are late to this party, but I can’t get enough of Kevin Spacey and how deliciously ruthless he is in this show.

• Breakfast burritos. They are considerably more work than cereal and yogurt, but at least the kids don’t start cheeping for lunch at 10:30am when I make them.

• Sofa shopping. I am leaning toward this one. I am trying not to get toooo obsessed with kitchen remodeling. I have a plan to take out all the cabinets and rearrange them. Don’t tell Jim.

Over It

• This morning I read some decluttering blog where the writer said, “In the words of Elsa, ‘Let it go!'” Here’s what we need to let go of, people: Frozen. I am not even kidding. The songs, the merchandise, the eternal pop-culture references to a stupid cartoon with seriously one of the worst songs ever….it’s run it’s course. I’m begging you. No more Frozen.

• People who don’t pick up after their dogs. Lookit. If your dog is going potty anywhere but your own yard – pick it up. I swear, every time we go to the beach, I want to go home and print out a giant sign to post that says, “This is a PATH, not a TOILET.” I don’t want to see dog poo. Anywhere. At the beach. In the woods. On a trail. At the reservoir. On the sidewalk. It’s rude and inconsiderate. If I wanted to step in dog poo, I’d get a dog. If you don’t want to pick up after your dog, then stop bringing it places. Dogs are, arguably, a part of nature. However, the beach is not your dog’s habitat. Habitat being the place he eats and potties. That place is your yard. At any other location, your dog is a guest. Good guests don’t relieve themselves in the middle of the party.

Perhaps you are Over posts about poo.

Marsala, the Pantone Color of the Year. What is Pantone, you ask? Pantone is a group of people who decide what colors are popular. This sounds ridiculous, but it’s true and very serious business. You want to know why yellow is everywhere all of a sudden and you can’t find forest green anywhere? Because the powers that be decreed it so. Companies listen to the Color Forecast (that’s totally a thing) and it guides them when deciding what colors cars should be, what color all the cute decor accents at Target will be, even what colors clothing collections will be. This is simultaneously fascinating and irritating to me. The next time you want to buy a cute pink accessory and all you can find is Radiant Orchid, you’ll know why.

Regarding the color Marsala specifically, I am pretty sure we already endured this back in the late 80s/early 90s and it was called Burgundy. Perhaps paired with the aforementioned Forest Green. What next, Pantone? Wallpaper borders printed with geese in bonnets? Powder blue Swiss dot fabric and broomstick skirts?

Marsala: Good for Mushroom Marsala Pasta Bake. Walls? Not so much.

Happy 2015, y’all!