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• Every so often I think about quitting blogging. I’ve been inconsistent and lost a bunch of readers. It’s more fun to write when you know you’re talking to someone. On the other hand, I was reading over my archives (do you guys do that – read your own archives?), and there are so many stories I would never remember today if I hadn’t written about them. Like that time when Little was going to have one hundred babies. I don’t want to miss out on remembering stuff if I quit. All these articles about the Death of Blogging can be discouraging, though. And I don’t have the stomach to be a corporate shill about it to try to get popular – I am not on instagram, I don’t care about writing sponsored posts, and I still hate Google+ and won’t use it no matter what everyone says I should do. I mean, I’d LIKE to be popular, I’m just too lazy to work at it.

Does anyone else dither about this?

• This photographer is funny (beware the autoplay music) – Best Case Scenario.

The World Would Be a Better Place if We All Stopped Taking Pictures of Ourselves. HAR!

• I am TOTALLY going to try this – Using Spiral Notebooks to Simplify Homeschooling.

This article is VERY interesting. It’s a totally new (to me, anyway) way of thinking about drinking. The line that caught my eye – That instead of looking at how insane it is to consume the amounts of alcohol we do in this country on any level, we’ve instead systematically labeled anyone who can’t hang in that insanity as having the problem.

• Happy Monday, my darlings!


PS: You guys were so amazing and generous to me last week when I shared my menopause/emotional struggles. Some of you didn’t comment, but instead sent beautiful, heartfelt, and caring emails. I can’t tell you how much all this support means to me. I told my husband how wonderful y’all were, and got all teary-eyed. Natch. Thank you. So much.