Mambo Number Five

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So a couple weeks ago, Jim had to go out of town again. That, for those keeping track, was trip number FIVE. Five trips in nine weeks. FIVE. From my perspective, work basically held the entire summer hostage, since he was either gone or getting ready to go somewhere since the end of June. Even though he was gone constantly, life went on, and I was left in charge of all kinds of things that I don’t like to be in charge of.

Like The Guy. You know – The Guy. The Lawn Guy, The Handyman Guy, The Tree Guy… This particular week, I was forced to deal with The Tree Guy. I hate dealing with The Guy.

I kept Jim apprised of the situation –

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In any event, The Guy and all associated Guys eventually left and in spite of everything, did a good job. The next week we had a huge windstorm that knocked branches down all over the neighborhood and I was able to sit back and feel smug that we had done the Responsible Thing before a giant branch had a chance to fall on our house. Which frankly, is not generally how things go at our house.