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This article – Why Early Learning Does Not Help – is excellent, albeit looooong. It contains some very firm language, so don’t say I didn’t warn you. For example –

When asked what are the gains from early learning for small children, Dr. Neufeld simply replies: “I don’t think there is anything to be gained except parental emancipation.”

• This is high-larious – Toddlers are A**holes. I’m not swearing, I’m just quoting. And anyway, it’s true.

This is interesting, but the one sentence that really speaks to me is this one –

“Why do something hard today when you can do it easy tomorrow?”

• This I loved. Won Over by the Battlefield.

• I know Neil deGrass Tyson has a lot of loyal followers, which is probably why I find this whole business about him lying/fabricating/embellishing in his speeches AND his subsequent efforts to silence everyone who points it out so intriguing.

**I know it’s not Monday. I was busy. 

3 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. Tressa Says:

    Yes! On that first article. I was JUST talking to Scott about this. And to another homeschool mom. Early schooling is only pushed because it gives parents free day care. You can’t convince me otherwise.
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  2. Happy Elf Mom (Christine) Says:

    Our local preschool is sooo wonderful, I would seriously pack my teens on the bus each half-day to go and homeschool them during the other half. It’s more “let’s practice letters and play and sing and play some more!” sort of a place a few times a week.

    Maybe that all changed since Common Core. But I promise, I didn’t send the kiddos for the free childcare. Kept them at home as toddlers, and again when school didn’t work. *shrug*

    It does bother me, though, this idea that children need to be away all day and every day. Used to be kindergarten was mostly learning how to stand in line and singing songs about colors and playing at “stations” (block table, rice table and so on).

    Now it’s all drill. And kids had better come to school already knowing how to read. bah.
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  3. Tressa Says:

    I think the kind of preschool you are talking about is fine. It gives mom a break and the kids get to play for awhile. What bothers me is the push for every child to be in all day preschool paid for by the state because early learning is so critical. The push that kids will not be successful unless they get this.

    Also, if there was somewhere I could send my teens to for half a day, I would be first in line! 🙂
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