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• Little made an astonishing breakthough this week in the Dishes Department, telling me, “HEY! If you use the scrubby side of the sponge it really helps get the gunk off!” I recall a similar epiphany her father had shortly after we were married, “Hey! Did you know if you rinse the dishes right after you eat, they are way easier to wash?” He was delighted with this realization, which I promptly confided to my mother in bewilderment (how does one get to be 25 and not know about rinsing? how?), and it might have been the first time we collectively shook our heads together over “men.”

• I thought this podcast was quite interesting – Why Doing Less is the Best Way to Do More. It had some new (to me) ways of thinking about things. Normally I never listen to podcasts, although I know people who extol the virtues of them often. In truth, podcasts mystify me. Where do you even find them? Is there some kind of library of them? It seems tedious to seek out the best ones, and in any event, my house is never quiet. Besides, I have a little something called a radio and people’s voices come out of it with virtually no effort from me. 

• I quite liked this post – Happy to Homeschool at Clean. Clean is a very peaceful blog. I like going there.

• This, from The Fearless Homeschool – The Venerable College Search. I loved this post, mostly because I want to keep my children near me always, and this validates that feeling.

• I turned a men’s sweatshirt from the thrift store into a skirt for Little, just in time for Sunday Night Football (which is happening as I write this. I had to escape. Football is so incredibly tiresome. They should cut it in half, that would be better. There is rather a lot of grumbling and swearing coming from the other room right now).

Broncos-Skirt-1   Broncos-Skirt-2

I know it looks a bit puckery, but I made it in less than an hour and plus also I don’t know what I am doing. It’s much better in person and in fact, I am quite envious of an ankle length sweatshirt skirt, it looks very cozy. She’s only going to have a waist as small as a person’s neck for so long, so I might as well take advantage of it.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Week Two of School for us!