The Simple Year?

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I am very interested in simplifying my life. This is probably comes as zero surprise to you, what with my endless blathering about getting rid of stuff for the last few years. To this end, I read a lot of minimalism blogs.

Reading is almost as good as doing, as we all know. That’s why Pinterest is so huge.

I am trying to convince my husband to spend a year downsizing and simplifying our lives (says the lady who bought 6 pairs of leggings last week). A few weeks ago I discovered a blog called The Simple Year. It was started by a woman who wanted to write about her decision to buy nothing new for an entire year. Then after the year was up, she decided to pass the blog along to another person, this time to a woman who was trying to shovel out her whole house and downsize. I read all the archives and was very happy to discover that Year Three was going to begin and I could read along with another person on the simplifying journey.

Then the Year Three person decided to write about being kinder for a whole year, which is nice (if a bit of a non sequitur), but it’s not helping me simplify.

I like the idea of a year-long project, because a year is a long time, but it’s also a defined amount of time.

Here’s the thing. I feel like I have 967 part time jobs (jobs, of course, being a very general word and not indicating any sort of income generating) and I suck at all of them. Cooking, cleaning, teaching kids how to cook and clean and sew and use a microscope and chase whatever other rabbits they decide to chase, blogging, homeschooling (haven’t even bought anything for this year yet, GAH), knitting, sewing, selling pencil sharpeners, running the household, researching what in the hell to do with the 40 pounds of peaches I just bought on the spur of the moment and are ripening all over the dining room table….

movin’ to the country, gonna eat me a lotta peaches

These things all have sub categories, obviously, and they all occupy a lot of mental space. A LOT. I started thinking maybe I should quit some of them so I can focus on the really important ones. Like making dinner and doing school. You’d be surprised how much energy I expend on dinner and school. Or maybe you wouldn’t. If we get all our schoolwork done and I make a good dinner, I feel like sitting on the couch and high-fiving myself for the rest of the day. **nailed it!**

Maybe I can find a way to simplify within each job? Or maybe I can finish some of the one-time only projects that distract me, like installing closet organizers and doing something with all the shoes that are ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE ALL THE DAMN TIME WHY DO WE HAVE SO MANY SHOES WHYYYYEEEEEEEE **pant-pant-pant**

Also I find myself intrigued by Project 333. Have you heard of this? You basically choose 33 things from your wardrobe to wear for 3 months. Pajamas and workout clothes and underwear don’t count. Daytime clothes, shoes, and jewelry count. Has anyone done this? I don’t think it would be that hard for me, but it might be interesting to find out for sure. For one thing, most of my clothes are lounging clothes (see: 6 new pairs of leggings) which don’t count; and for another, I don’t have that many clothes in general. Plus it’s not like you have to get RID of anything, just put it away for 3 months and see what happens.

We’ll see. There’s a lot of ideas floating around over here. I don’t know why I crave to live smaller and simpler. It seems calmer, maybe? Sometimes at night I sketch Tiny Houses. I have a whole notebook of them. Is that weird? Probably it’s not. Jim is all like, “I just BOUGHT you a house, woman.”

So. Thoughts? Shall we 333 together?

5 Responses to “The Simple Year?”

  1. Happy Elf Mom (Christine) Says:

    This website sounds like a Doctor Who type premise for housewives – who will be the next de-clutterer?

    I think I am able to do a little more with the Twitter. Have figured out a bit how to respond to comments and the use of the #hashtag. Still not really “getting” it though. YOU are a master.
    Happy Elf Mom (Christine)´s last blog post ..Iowa Open

  2. New Friend Says:

    Hey! A real blog post! What a nice surprise!
    How can a day fail when I start it by laughing at…I mean WITH…you?! I say BRING IT, BICHEZ!!
    But not the whole 333 thing. Isn’t that the Mark of the Beast?? Okay,not quite, but IT IS GETTING THERE! You have BEEN IN my closet and yet you DARE write this alarming post?! And see? I thought you loved me. Probably imma need some peach jam to make up for the hurt.

  3. Tammy Says:

    I’m right there with you, girl. I want a smaller, simpler house, a smaller, simpler life. For me, I think it stems from several things, the first being that I get overwhelmed with things. Literally. Why have ten glasses to wash, when there are only three people in the house? Why have fifteen pairs of jeans that make me feel like my ass is too big, when three pair are, quite frankly, punishment enough? The second reason (which is really the first one too) is control. If I have only what I can handle I feel in control. But, like you, my husband can’t understand why I’m obessed with finding a smaller house when we just spent the last six years remodeling and making this one our own.

  4. Ingi Says:

    I reckon I already do the 333 thing! I don’t have that many clothes, particularly if you don’t count underwear or workout wear or pjs. I love pjs.

    Simplifying. Yes. We only took what we needed when we moved to Canberra. Lots of stuff left in the massive shed on the South Coast. So. Much. Stuff. We just didn’t have time to deal with the Stuff. But I can feel a massive garage sale coming on in the (sometime) future.

    I’ve also gotten quite good at getting rid of stuff that wasn’t filling me with happiness. Home Education Association volunteer crap? Gone. Writing e-books? Gone. Doing my husbands business books? Gone. I am also getting the rest of the family, now they are old/tall enough to help with household shit like dinner. Including hubby. Delegation is my new middle name. So now I work (full-time and it exhausts me a bit), cook the odd dinner, grocery shop and blog. And drink wine. Everyone else does everything else. ‘Bout time!

    We have also decided that when/if we buy a new house in Canberra, it won’t be a big house, it won’t be acreage (toyed with that idea), it will probably be a townhouse or apartment, because we hate gardening and would rather spend our money on travel than soft furnishings and landscaping. So simplifying is in the pipeline.

    Not buying anything new for 12 months? Nup. Not going there – gotta give me little tid-bits in between holidays!
    Ingi´s last blog post ..7 Revealing Facts About Myself!

  5. Kerry Says:

    Hiya, Kerry here. I’ve thought about what you said quite a bit. (although, you are not the only one, most came via email) And, I know the blog hasn’t been clearly defined this year. So we have reworked some things. Take a look. Also, If you have a story to share that pertains…we’d love to hear. it.