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• I got an email from Ashley Madison over the weekend. Ashley Madison apparently being an online matchmaking service, but for married people. The subject line was “Life is Short! Have an Affair!”

Firstly, is that really a compelling argument for an affair? Because life is short? All that tagline does is make me want to come up with my own – “Life is Short! Make a Huge Mistake While You Still Can!” or “Life is Short! Make Your Kids Hate You Forever!” or “Regret Not Being a Whore in High School? Make up for Lost Time!”

Secondly, how did Ashley Madison get my email address? I am not their target demographic. For one thing, between homeschooling and a husband that works from home, the last time I was alone was in 2004. Plus also I have already reassured Jim that I would only cheat if it was with George Clooney. He was like, “well, have him buy you lots of presents, we could use the money.”

This post, which contains one of the best lines I’ve ever read about being a stay-at-home-mom – I didn’t give up myself for them. I became my true self through loving and mothering them.

• I need some suggestions for books for Little. She is a competent reader, but she doesn’t have the confidence to match. She like to read below her ability (which is fine), and she also basically refuses to read books that her brother read first. So the Boxcar Children, Cul-de-Sac Kids, The Littles…. all those awesome series’ that I gave Big are dead to her. I downloaded some Beverly Cleary – I read all her books when I was a kid – but want to preview them first for content.

Any other ideas? Finding books I find acceptable is a real struggle, and having her turn up her nose at Big’s books doesn’t help. I find most contemporary books lacking. The writing is insipid, the storylines are uninteresting, and finding books without magic, witches, or supernatural stuff is near impossible. Yes, I am one of those people who has never read Harry Potter. Judge me if you must, I know I am eye-rollingly picky.

Help? Melanie? Tressa? Karen? Anyone?

• Happy Monday, y’all!

7 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. Judy Says:

    I forget how old you little one is, but my just turned eight year old daughter has recently begun taking an interest in chapter books as well. She enjoys The Dork Diaries series, as well as the Diary of a Wimpy Kid series. We’re reading the Little House books together, the first four or five are especially good for this age. And it might sound too cliche but what about the American Girl series and The Babysitter’s Club. I wasn’t terribly into these as a girl myself, but I’ve been thinking a lot of looking into them with her, and I know there are a lot of other girl books that I haven’t investigated but need to start. I’m looking forward to other’s suggestions as well!
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  2. Alicia Says:

    Have you guys read The Growly books? There are 2, with another promised. High adventure, friendship, no witchy/magic stuff. We did it as read aloud, but if she’s a reader, it might work? We couldn’t stop reading! (:

  3. Karen @ Candid Diversions Says:

    Not sure what age we’re talking about here but what about:
    – American Girl series. Not great literature but some of them are pretty good. Good introduction to chapter books for someone who hasn’t read many
    – Mr Popper’s Penguins
    – Elmer and the Dragon (3 book series) Does have a friendly dragon but no real magic or bad stuff
    – The Borrowers (series)
    – All of a Kind Family (series)
    – Stuart Little
    – Charlotte’s Web
    – Betsy – Tacy (series)
    – Childhood of Famous Americans (series of easy non-fiction)

    We do love almost everything by Beverly Cleary too. Ramona books got my 2nd daughter into chapter books.

    Hope that helps. I have a 7 yr old reluctant reader who will not read ANYTHING so we’re not even to this point yet.

    And that first “service” you describe is possibly the most disgusting thing I’ve heard all day – and I have children who still like to announce what just happened in the bathroom.

  4. Jessica Says:

    I was really into magical stories when I was her age, but the Dear America story lines are great, as well as the Little House Easy Readers. Catwings, Mercy Watson, Piggy and Gerald.

    I have to admit, I’m curious about what you find acceptable in terms of reading. I grew up in a rather strict household in terms of magical TV/movies but my reading lists were not monitored.

  5. Deb Says:

    Jessica –

    Thanks for giving me the opportunity to explain myself better. I know I am extremely strict with the reading materials I allow, and I have a hard time explaining why without sounding like an overly preachy judgeypants.

    My reading wasn’t monitored AT ALL when I was a kid and I read ALLLLL kinds of inappropriate stuff. I was a voracious reader and read way above my grade level. I remember reading my babysitter’s Harlequin Romances, high-school level books about drugs, and books that in hindsight were just plain evil. Stuff that I wished I had never allowed into my brain.

    As a Christian, I personally think we need to guard ourselves against the normalization of things like witchcraft and magic. I don’t think it’s healthy spiritually, and I also think if we allow those things to become mundane and everyday, it makes it harder to recognize true evil when we encounter it.

  6. Tressa Says:

    Well, I am not really a good source. Matthew read so much, so fast that I stopped worrying about it. I did tell him he couldn’t read graphic novels, and guess what is the only thing he reads now? Right. Soo..

    Having said that, this is the link that I send everyone to when they ask about reading titles.

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  7. Happy Elf Mom (Christine) Says:

    This Ashley Madison chick sounds like she has a made up name. I’m sorry, stick a couple 1997 trendy names together and make it sound like a real person? She sounds like one of the mean girls.

    Can’t anyone have affairs the old fashioned way? Sheesh. I like your ad for the “service” better.
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