Random Monday

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I have such a backlog of stories, I don’t know where to begin.

• Big and I were going around and around about something the other day, and I told him to quit arguing with me, and he burst out, “I wouldn’t BE arguing with you if you’d just AGREE with me!”

• I accidentally saw a preview for a new show last night called Game of Crowns and it’s apparently about the most horrible people in the world and their quest to be Mrs. America. I don’t get pageants. I BARELY get why a teenager would do them (being that teenagers are inherently narcissistic and like being told how pretty they are), but why a grown woman with a husband and kids needs to spend that kind of money for whatever minuscule tidbit of validation a pageant offers escapes me.

BAM! I’m back and as judgey as ever!

• In my quest to fit everything we own into a house half the size, I have now acquired 245 Ikea bookcases. That makes me an official homeschooler, right? When my front room looks like Ikea vomited all over it?

yes, I know there’s an ugly box up there that needs to be unpacked, get off my back, man

• Random links I’ve been saving for you –

How to be the Best Food Blogger of All by Joy the Baker. This cracked me up.

A Better Way to Say Sorry at cuppacocoa. This got me thinking. There’s definitely got to be something better than the grudgingly mumbled “sorry.”

• Happy Monday, y’all!