Has it really been 6 weeks?

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Okay, so I guess it’s been a minute since I’ve been here. I’ve thought of you guys often in a “oh, I have to tell my peeps about that!” sort of way.

The short version of what we’ve been doing is buying a house and moving. The longer version is, we bought a house, tore the place up, then tried to put it back together ourselves. One thing we didn’t quite think through was the part about how we aren’t 25 anymore. Being in my late thirties (aka 43), leads to a significantly tired-er mom and wife at the end of a day (or three) spent crawling around on my hands and knees painting stairs.

In any event, I have lots of projects to show you, pics of the new house, and my signature delightful storytelling blathering on about the choosing of Paint Colors.

Paint Colors are v. serious, you know. I bought something like 25 sample pots. And proceeded to paint them all in every room and every hallway.

Not kidding.

I also have noticed that it is now MAY and I am groaning through reading all kinds of blog posts about powering through the last few weeks of school. You know what these blog posts make me think? “Oh, right. School.” As near as I can tell, we still have something like 10 weeks of work ahead of us. The kids are super excited. Working all summer! Again! Yay us!

Whatever. It’ll be fine. Probably I won’t hardly complain about it at all.

Because I’ll be too busy regaling you with stories of how I need to get rid of a bunch of crap so we fit in this house.

Yes. I know. I just told those stories a few years ago.

Apparently I have been never-flagging in my diligence to acquire new stuff. I don’t know how this happens. I need Minimalist Deb to crawl out from under that pile of old wool sweaters that I meant to make Christmas stockings out of, grab Thrifting Deb by the shoulder and give her a firm shake.

In conclusion, I miss you all, I adore you all (especially everyone who emailed wondering where I was), and I shall be back. Maybe even with a riveting and pin-worthy story on How To Arrange Your Mini-Muffin Pans So You Don’t Look Like A Hoarder.