Random Monday

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• Here’s a video of what Chicago Public School Teacher Training looks like.

Good grief, no wonder schools don’t treat kids with respect, they don’t even treat the teachers with respect. Would you be able to sit through this nonsense? And they are supposed to take this sparkling teaching method back to the classroom and inflict it on the kids? This makes me happy to be an adult.


• I didn’t have the heart to pry the kids away from what they were doing this morning to do schoolwork. They are drawing comics for the first time, and they are very cute and funny.

I figure prominently in these drawings as The Bore-er, a villain who robs banks after boring everyone around into a coma by reciting Math Facts.


See the guy droning, “wa-wa-wa-wa”?  That’s me.

Whatever. At least I have a super-power. Little gave me a cape in her drawings, too.


• Boxes packed: Holding steady at zero.

Paint swatches accumulated: Probably need some more.


• Happy Monday, y’all!

7 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. chocolatechic Says:

    OMG…could that sentence have been any longer?

  2. Bekki Says:

    Oh my stars! That you tube clip…WOWSERS. Could that instructor have been more condescending?

    Plus, The Borer. Heeheehee. I love that The Borer bores every one with Math facts. (I’d take that as a sign that (a) they love all their other subjects and (b) they have never been educated by a chicago teacher and therefore don’t know what true boredom is! So either way, WIN)

  3. Alicia Says:

    Packing. So sorry. Feel for you Deb. On a more fun note, have you searched Pinterest for “paint strips”? All kinds of cool things you can do with those puppies! We were inspired & cut a bunch up to make small squares. 7 yo had a ball making a mosaic for her newly decorated room! Maybe that’ll inspire you to pack? Didn’t think so. (:

  4. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    You know… I’d be the smartass that was practically jumping out of her chair and all overenthusiastic! What was that? TEACH the student? Ok lemme write that down! You’re so brilliant!

    bwa ha ha..

    In other unrelated news, I did try to have a job a long time ago and it just never worked out.
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Should Children Be Required to Write in Cursive?

  5. Kathy King Says:

    Why do you need a degree to be a teacher? Just follow the instructions proved.

  6. Erin - The Usual Mayhem Says:

    Having that many paint swatches is just smart; you never know when a Pinterest craft will require them. Plus, you know, how can you agonize over just the right shade of blue if there aren’t at least 25 minute differences to choose between? I won’t tell you how many I have, but you can probably guess.

    I love the comics. The Borer’s superpower made me snort coffee onto my keyboard. Your kids are awesome.
    Erin – The Usual Mayhem´s last blog post ..3 Easy Penny Science Experiments for Kids

  7. Sara Says:

    I love the comic! Very fun, and cool on you to have a superpower.
    Sara´s last blog post ..Book Post: Too Many Books!