Random Monday

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• Here’s a video of what Chicago Public School Teacher Training looks like.

Good grief, no wonder schools don’t treat kids with respect, they don’t even treat the teachers with respect. Would you be able to sit through this nonsense? And they are supposed to take this sparkling teaching method back to the classroom and inflict it on the kids? This makes me happy to be an adult.


• I didn’t have the heart to pry the kids away from what they were doing this morning to do schoolwork. They are drawing comics for the first time, and they are very cute and funny.

I figure prominently in these drawings as The Bore-er, a villain who robs banks after boring everyone around into a coma by reciting Math Facts.


See the guy droning, “wa-wa-wa-wa”?  That’s me.

Whatever. At least I have a super-power. Little gave me a cape in her drawings, too.


• Boxes packed: Holding steady at zero.

Paint swatches accumulated: Probably need some more.


• Happy Monday, y’all!