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Which is what I want to say to my kids when they carry on endlessly about all the various injustices they are suffering. 

So. Many. Problems.

I don’t ACTUALLY say that, of course, because I rock at being a mom.

What I actually say is, “too bad, don’t care.”

Or sometimes I sing “no-no-no-no-no-no-no-no” to what I thought was the melody to What I Like About You, then wasn’t after I went to youTube to check and endured a 30 second Pampers commercial that made me want to stab someone.

Whatever. Just know that sometimes I mix it up with sarcastic singing.

There are so many injustices suffered by the children in my house, it’s virtually impossible to keep track of them all. Or to care about them, frankly. I can’t really focus on arguments over who owns the Lego croissant when I’m updating my phone and I haven’t been able to text anyone for OVER THIRTY MINUTES. These kids have no concept of real problems.

Speaking of which, I read that Yelling at your kids is just as bad, if not worse, than Spanking. What I want to know is what if you yell and spank at the same time? What if you yell, then spank, then yell some more? Do they cancel each other out? Probably they do.

TL;DR, for those not in the know, is short for Too Long; Didn’t Read, which is apparently what some bloggers get in the comments after they have written a very long post. Why anyone couldn’t summon the energy to read the post, but CAN dig deep enough to leave a rude and pointless comment is beyond me.

I can’t summon the energy to pack any boxes, but I DID go to Sherwin Williams and get a paint-chip deck and then sat on the couch studying all the minute differences between the blue-greens and the green-blues. Also, I have given in to my daughter and agreed to paint her room pink. I wanted to paint it a light green, because all her stuff is pink and I think pink and green is adorable and that all pink will be toooo muuuuuuch, but then I thought what’s more important? Her feelings or mine? And then Slightly Better Deb gave Selfish Deb a stern talking-to and banished her from future kids’-room-paint-color discussions.

Stupid Better Deb.

Also, I bought some Lego art as a surprise for Big, and looked at rugs online, and have managed not to buy any more lamps.

Anyway, if you look at it just right, I’m making loads of progress.

Plus also something else is happening that I will tell you about next week. 

Hope y’all are well!