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• This is super interesting  – Patrick Moore, the co-founder of Greenpeace, has done a complete reversal of his opinions, even going so far as to call the organization a religious cult.

• This is AWESOME – what self-directed learning/unschooling looks like. This little girl is AMAZING.

• Need more evidence that free thinkers are valued? Lori Pickert at Project Based Homeschooling has compiled all kinds of interesting reading.

• I have this new plan to control my heartburn – which I have struggled with off and on for years, and which over-the-counter meds are not helping – with diet. I have already cut out a ton, and now I fear I will even have to give up even more. Has anyone else struggled with heartburn/acid reflux and successfully controlled it with diet? What foods have you given up? I think my beloved potatoes are next. I had one the other day and it about killed me. Damn it. Is a world without potatoes worth living?

Kale isn’t the same, people. IT’S JUST NOT.

**sigh**  guess I’ll go have some yogurt…. (sad face font)

• I can’t get enough decorating and DIY blogs now that a new house is on the horizon. Any favorites you recommend I read?

Does anyone want to come help me pack? Packing is so stupid. Which is why I have done exactly zero of it. ZERO. Obviously, I feel like my time is better served looking at paint swatches. 

• Wanna see a picture of the new place?