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• Packing Sucks. Just saying.

• I have been watching Couples Therapy, which is quite possibly the most depressing show ever, and I feel lame even watching it, but Bravo hasn’t come out with The Real Housewives of Santa Barbara, so what can I do?

• This, which made me cry – Fleeting. I’m hormonal, though. Everything makes me cry. Or rant. One of those.

This, a beautiful, heartfelt post written by my very dear friend Tressa, for whom I have much affection. She is losing her mom to cancer, and sometimes the things other people do to “help” aren’t so helpy after all. This is an excellent corollary that really illustrates how to act when someone is going through a hard time.

• This, from the always insightful Lori Pickert – How to Destroy a Child’s Love of Learning in 15 Easy Steps. I personally struggle with being too bossy (feel free to express surprise), and this post was a reminder that Controlly Deb should step off.

• The other night Jim and I were watching television, and a wife was cheating on her husband.

I was like, “why would she cheat with him? The husband is cuter. You shouldn’t cheat unless it’s with someone like George Clooney. I wouldn’t cheat unless it was with George Clooney, so you can rest easy.”

Jim just rolled his eyes.

I said, “you don’t find that comforting?” and he says, “you mean find it comforting that you wouldn’t cheat unless you could somehow manage to trick George Clooney into it?” and I said icily, “um, excuse me, but George Clooney would pursue me the minute he was lucky enough to make my acquaintance, OBVIOUSLY.”


• Happy Monday, y’all!

3 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. New Friend Says:

    Just remember if YOU get George Clooney then I get George Clooney. Because that’s how sister wives DO. I have COMPLETE confidence in your ability to bring George into the fold. You got this. Now go get him, Tiger!

  2. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    Packing – done it too many times, so I feel your pain.

    Fleeting – crying too, although it did go on a bit.

    George Clooney – well, he’ll have a hard time deciding between you and me.
    Ingi (@ingidefygravity)´s last blog post ..Do I have to?

  3. Tracey Says:

    I don’t get the whole George Clooney thing. I just don’t. That means he’s Alllll yours, my dear! I’m a giver like that.
    Tracey´s last blog post ..I’d like to thank all of the little people who made this possible…