Random Monday

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•  Every year since I turned 40, my brain is getting fuzzier and fuzzier. I definitely feel noticeably stupider lately. I had to send an email to the mortgage people this morning and the whole time I’m writing it, I just know the recipient is picturing me as some toothless idiot who doesn’t own shoes. Because all my questions are so dumb, you see. Blah. Are there Stupid-Away Supplements I should be taking? Quick, tell me before I am just a lump in the middle of the living room floor, uncomfortably smiling in confusion.

• Speaking of the mortgage people – the sellers finally accepted our offer! We have entered the Horrid Part, wherein we have to apply for mortgages and dig paperwork from 1988 out of a box in the basement and hope that nothing bad is uncovered in the inspection or the appraisal. The Horrid Part precedes the Packing Part, which is also horrid. All of these parts have School Elements mixed in because we have too much work to do to take time off for moving.

• We watched some of the Olympics this weekend like good Americans. Here is a conversation from yesterday while watching Men’s Figure Skating –

Jim: Who does this guy think he is? Peter Pan?

Me: What are you talking about?

Jim: He’s wearing green.

Me: ???

Perhaps that’s a locational story. Nevertheless, I now want to buy Jim an emerald green sequined shirt and quietly stick it in his closet.

• Also yesterday, Big was racing around like a crazy person and ran smack into an open door. Awesome Mom said, “you better not break those glasses running your face into stuff.”

• Happy Monday, y’all!

PS – I wasn’t kidding about those Dumb-Off Pills. If any of my fellow peri-menopausal types suffer the same condition and have the answer, let me know. Or even if you just suffer the same condition. We can commiserate with each other for a minute before we forget what we were talking about.