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• This house hunting stuff blows, man. We put in an offer on a house, and they rejected it, and then a week later they called and wanted to resurrect the deal, and then we were like, “Sure!” and then they’ve kept us waiting for a reply for the last TWO WEEKS because apparently THEY made an offer on a house and they are waiting for THOSE sellers to accept and we are at the bottom of a long chain of buyers and sellers.

I am continuing to look, but it’s slim pickins for people who who want a really nice house for not very much money in one of three tiny neighborhoods.

• I have been distracting myself from the gloominess of house hunting by buying lamps. I think I have a problem. On Friday, I came home with three lamps. THREE. The week before I bought two ginormous shades for some of the Christmas lamps Jim bought me.



I don’t know if the full magnitude of these lamps comes across, but they are basically so big that I knock into them every time I get into my desk chair. Jim thinks we might need a bigger house, just for these lamps.

They are awesome. They make me happy. These lamps have attitude. These lamps don’t take no crap from nobody. These lamps are all, “BAM! HOW DO YOU LIKE ME SO FAR?”

• We went to the pediatrician last week to get a well-child checkup, and I guess the allergy test we had him do TWO YEARS AGO for Big came back super-positive for a Cashew and Walnut allergy, and now we have to see a specialist and I might even have to turn into one of those people who has an epi-pen and barks at other moms about the Tree Nut Content of their Communal Snacks.

Whilst we were at the pediatrician, he remembered we homeschool and said, “I don’t mind if you homeschool,” and I said, “good, because I wasn’t looking for your permission.”

oh yes I did

AND THEN he told us that the Orchestra teacher at the public school his son attends was caught KISSING and SEXTING students!

AND THEN he told us to make sure our kids were getting enough… wait for it… SOCIALIZATION.


• Big came into the bathroom the other day while I was getting ready to go out with a list of things he needed me to pickup for the Super Bowl. See, one time, like THREE YEARS AGO, I made a bunch of elaborate snacks for the Super Bowl. This apparently made quite an impression on him and I inadvertently set a precedent and now he is instructing me on grocery shopping.

“Mom, I have some plans for Football Day. It’s really quite simple, actually. I have a diagram.”



“We need two cake stands and an NFL tablecloth and some flowers for a centerpiece. Each one of these circles represents a different kind of cheese.”

Sucker Mom spent $18 on fancy cheese at Whole Foods Saturday.


Blueberry Wensleydale, Costswold with Chive, and White Stilton with Lemon

• Happy Monday, y’all!