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• This is interesting: How Netflix Reinvented Human Resources from the Harvard Business Review. I know it doesn’t SEEM interesting on the face of it, but it is.

• Also did you know you can push any kind of document to a Kindle? Imagine the possibilities! Stuff you want your kids to read, schedules for your kids, all kinds of new and techy ways to get in up in their grill and tell them what to do. I have not actually tried this myself, but a friend of mine raved about it.

• House hunting story:

We had just finished looking at a house last weekend, and we were standing around talking with the realtor about what we thought. The kids were milling around waiting, and out of the corner of my ear, I hear the teeny, tiny, 7 year old voice of my daughter say conversationally, “the yard would have been nice if it wasn’t for all that dog shit.”


• I took a sewing class on Saturday and made this!


So exciting! I am taking a class on pajama pants this Saturday. I will be a sewing FIEND, practically. As soon as I figure out why my machine isn’t doing it right, that is.

• Happy Monday, y’all!