Random Monday

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• Happy New Year, y’all! Doesn’t it seem like this is the REAL first day of the new year? Jim is back to work and we are back to school. Since we’ve basically had Christmas vacation since Thanksgiving, I anticipate much reviewing and procrastinating and eye-rolling. Probably the kids won’t be have a great attitude either.

• I have been reading around on the Twitter that people are choosing a word to guide them through the year. The first words that I thought of for myself were, “Get it together, you’re 42 years old for crying out loud” but that seemed too long. I guess my word would be… settle? Like Settle Down. Settle In. I want to find the sweet spot. We want to still travel, but we want to have a home base. We want to Adventure, but we want to get the kids involved with activities. I’d like to get us set on a course that will last for the next several years.

• To that end, we are thinking of buying a house. A small house. SMALL being the operative word. Small enough that we can afford both it and a couple of trips a year. So that is a small house indeed. We’ve already begun looking, which is both sort of fun and sort of horrible. I just want a really nice tiny house for not very much money. Is that too much to ask? Yes. I know it is. In the nether regions of Colorado, they describe a kitchen as “recently updated” if they installed new formica in 1990. I reminded the realtor that 1990 was TWENTY-FIVE years ago, and could I please see kitchens from THIS century?

If you pity anyone in this scenario, it should be our poor realtor.

• I suppose you might reserve some pity for yourselves, because I will undoubtedly be blathering on about the house hunt endlessly. Poor readers.

For example, we saw one house that I’m pretty sure was in an episode of Wives with Knives or something –

Murder Room Basement

If it had a floor drain, you could imagine something grizzly happening there. And it’s not a bad picture. If anything, it looks worse in real life. The realtor said it might be a good storage area, and I said, “oh. I thought that was the meth-cooking area.”

Again, pity my poor realtor.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Here’s to killing it in 2014!