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I know we are all supposed to eschew any coarse discussion of Christmas presents, and instead focus on how we had a quiet holiday serenely surrounded by our loved ones in our warm and serene homes that we decorated with pinecones and boughs from the backyard (in which a spider or tick would not dare show it’s disgusting face and disrupt our serenity) and giving gifts (an envelope indicating a goat smugly given in your name to someone in a third-world country) wrapped in brown paper and jute while cradling mugs of hot organic green tea (fair trade only, obviously) and serenely discussing our plans to become vegan locavores (third world goat gift notwithstanding), but I want to talk about my LOOT.

Specifically, these lamps, which Jim drove 100 miles (round trip) to get for me –

Christmas-Lamps-1   Christmas-Lamps-2

Seriously. Can you even IMAGINE a better lamp?

Here’s the second one, which matches, but is not identical and I love that about them –

Christmas-Lamps-3   Christmas-Lamps-4

I love these lamps without reservation. They are just so cool. And the shades! I don’t know if you can tell, but the shades are ENORMOUS. They just sort of scream LAMP! at you when you walk into the room. They are so huge, you wonder if they’re being ironic. It’s fantastic.

How about you guys? You have a good holiday? You get anything good? We can talk privately about our shallow materialism here. If anyone asks, we talked about making our own gift tags using Found Items from the Woods.