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• Today I went to IKEA to get some Christmas pressies. It was quite an ordeal starting with the fact that I had to put on REAL PANTS. Real pants are always unpleasant now that I have discovered the Joy That Is Leggings. I am so in love with leggings I bought 7 pairs in case I can’t ever find them again. I have two categories of leggings: Suitable to Answer the Door (like when my BFF, the UPS man comes), and Suitable to Wipe My Hands on (perhaps when cooking, or more likely, eating chocolate chip cookies). Sometimes I even wear them to bed and then the next morning I wake up already dressed! If you don’t have any leggings, you should get some forthwith. They are magical.

The second part of the IKEA ordeal was that it’s, like, -3 degrees here all the dadgum time and I had to get out from under my blankie. It was injustice all around.

I was somewhat concerned about doing this shopping trip by myself (because New Friend, who had promised to go and help me lift stuff, hurt her leg in a very inconvenient ski accident. I told her these things never happen when watching The Real Housewives), but IKEA had the foresight to have guys at the loading dock to help all us poor moms who were trying to lift oddly-named bookcases into our cars. Am I the only person who doesn’t ask for help at IKEA because I can’t pronounce anything? I only ever ask how to get out, because after about an hour, I start to feel the despair of a rat in a maze.

While I was in the store, they played the worst Christmas music in the history of man. I’m talking Willie Nelson singing Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. It was inhuman.

I have a plan to turn a Duktig bookcase into a Lego Display Cabinet of Awesomeness for Big. If it turns out, I’ll show you. If it doesn’t, I’ll pretend I never brought it up.

• Speaking of Christmas, I found a Boyz 2 Men version of Silent Night in my Christmas Playlist. It was disturbing. I called 1990 and sent it back.

• We are taking Little to her first gymnastics class tomorrow. They have a whole section just for homeschoolers! This is very exciting to me. Maybe we’ll meet some of Our Kind, i.e. Weirdos. I went looking for something for her to wear and discovered the insanity that is a $56 leotard for a 7 year old.

I declined to buy it. But you knew that.

• Also very exciting is the Cookie Swap the knitting group is having on Friday. Just like regular people! Real-life friends! Who knew? I am planning to make my favorite Christmas cookie, Mexican Wedding Cakes, for which the recipe is here. Sorry for the horrible photo.

• Thank you to Sarah and Nicole who very kindly said they missed me. I love my imaginary friends.

(hat tip Candid Diversions. Those guys are awesome!)