Random Monday – Christmas Edition

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• Merry Christmas, lovelies!

• The other night, I called to order the Annual Meeting of What Shall We Have for Christmas Dinner. I listed all the options, the general idea being that I cook a nice dinner on Christmas Eve, make a nice breakfast on Christmas morning, provide assorted snackage throughout the day, and then culminate in a relaxing Christmas Dinner of Leftovers. Preferably a dinner heated up by Jim whilst I sit on the couch, languidly gesturing toward the kitchen.

Everyone started shouting out ideas of what they want to eat and they were all different. Natch. Jim voted ham (but I know in his heart he wants turkey), Little voted roast chicken, and Big burst into tears at the mention of leftovers. Natch.

Me, confused: “what is your problem? you eat leftovers all the time around here, what’s the big deal?”

Big, wailing: “I don’t knoooooow! I just don’t want leftovers!”

And so we went around and around, with me becoming more mystified and him becoming more incoherently sobby and wail-y, until he finally gasped out, “can we at least have SANDWICHES?”

So I CAN serve leftover Christmas Eve Dinner as long as I don’t CALL it leftovers, and I slap it between two pieces of bread? DONE AND DONE, LITTLE BOY.

• After driving myself to the very edge of madness and despair trying to accommodate everyone, I finally decided to get a packaged turkey dinner from Whole Foods and that will be that. And a loaf of bread for Big, I suppose. Sixty bucks is actually a fair price when you factor in my sanity.

• In the true Spirit of Christmas, I have been buying myself all sorts of treats and then coming home and cheerfully saying to Jim, “look what you bought me! Do you want to wrap it?”

• I love you all! Have a great day!