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I keep seeing these FaceBook posts that are, like, 7 Things You Don’t Know About Me. I don’t know what that’s about, but I figured I could go in for some narcissism too, since I never get a chance to talk about myself. No one gave me a number, and no one even invited me to do this, but whatever. It’s FINE.

1) I ruined dinner last night.

A $12 pork roast from Whole Paycheck that was supposed to be carnitas turned into $12 worth of charcoal in the bottom of my favorite pot. The best part was that I made a big production about how good dinner was going to be even though it was an hour and a half past the kids’ dinnertime and they were emotionally overwrought from hunger and then when I figured I could salvage it with enough cheese and sour cream, the tortillas I bought at Whole Foods YESTERDAY were discovered to be MOLDY and I had to send Jim out for more and getting cold did not, in fact, improve the briquettes AT ALL.

There was crying. By more than just me. I ended up scrounging yogurt and leftovers for the poor babies. Jim gamely ate the charcoal, which would have been some comfort if I hadn’t been wallowing in self pity. These things always happen when I follow the directions.

2) I have about eleventy-million plans to hand make presents for every person I’ve ever met this Christmas and have not started a single one. I also have plans to decorate the tree with handmade ornaments and make handmade stockings out of sweaters from the thrift store and make fancy Martha-Stewart-esque cookies every week because we are going to create some happy memories if it kills me, damn it. I might need an intervention.

3) I keep thinking I should blog about school, but every time I remember, more time has passed. It’s NOVEMBER, for pete’s sake. I doubt if my insights into Writing Your Own History Curriculum will be very helpful. I suppose the chances of being Helpful and Insightful would increase if I actually progressed beyond keeping a cute basket of History books near my side of the couch. History, apparently, will be taught in the second semester. Along with Science

4) Speaking of science, I broke down and BOUGHT the red cabbage indicator so I could stop murdering cabbages regularly. Three years and many cabbages ago, I deemed the red cabbage indicator too expensive to order. Ha, I say to Past Deb. Ha-HA, even.

5) I went to FIVE thrift stores in two days and could not find any little boy jeans for Big. I fear I have turned the corner and will now never find anything suitable for him on the cheap again. I went to Old Navy, but couldn’t stomach $15 per pair, and then went to Target and they were $15 there too. So I went home and decided to use a 20% off coupon Old Navy emailed me. I was fairly happy with this because he really liked those jeans and I got free shipping and it wasn’t THAT much money… and just when I had accepted the situation, Old Navy emailed me a coupon for THIRTY FIVE percent off and I spent Sunday seething with indignation and declaring Old Navy dead to me and concocting elaborate plans to rectify the situation. Because that’s how I ROLL.

6) Before I ruined dinner yesterday, I bullied everyone into cleaning the kids’ rooms and sorting through their toys looking for things to donate in our Annual Pre-Christmas Purge. Sorting through the kids’ stuff is always horrible. There are little scraps of paper, and unidentifiable broken bits and disgusting hair-covered mystery chunks mixed in with the toys. Going through the books was hard this time. I was pretty brutal in getting rid of books that have been around since Big was a baby. Little is reading chapter books now though, and it was time to let The Ten Little Ladybugs go. Is there anything more bittersweet than putting away things because there isn’t another baby to save them for? I think not.

7) All right, that’s all I’ve got. I have to go watch football now. I hate football, but that doesn’t stop me from wanting the Broncos to stomp the Chiefs, if only to quiet the insufferable Chiefs fans I am friends with. I saved 3 issues of Us Weekly to help dull the pain of nodding politely while Jim tries to tell me what’s happening.

(nodding politely! hah! I suspect, gentle readers, you know me better than that)


Happy Monday, y’all!


8) Okay, one more. I want an apothecary jar to put Christmas ornaments and lights in (because I’m decorate-y that way). Don’t judge me now, but the handles on the lids all look like tiny, um, phalluses (phalli?). Is it just me? I can’t have a tiny phallus-lidded jar, people. I just can’t.

2 Responses to “Random Monday”

  1. Lisa Says:

    No 2 is me too … I have made ZIP also! I also thought that if I couldn’t make them that I would support small Mum and Dad stores but that all fell through when I was at a big retail store and they had a HUGE sale. Obviously my integrity can be bought!

    No 4 — what on earth is a red cabbage indicator?

    I also need a photo of no 8 … I wont giggle promise.
    Lisa┬┤s last blog post ..Male Logic

  2. Kristy Says:

    2) What are you making me?
    3) Do you actually do any school?
    6) I cleaned every single closet in my house over the past two weeks so, yes, I can relate.
    7) Football sucks.