Get Real, Pinterest

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So I’ve been cruising Pinterest lately, looking for Christmas Gift Ideas and Christmas Decorating Ideas and All Things Christmas because I am INTO IT this year people, and I’ve come across a few Pins that make me Snort Derisively. 

(what? ME? no, that can’t be right.)


Pinterest 1

Listen. I have pictures of my kids on  my phone, too (no I don’t. I compulsively download and delete them and then look like a horrible mom when people ask to see pictures. you are more likely to see weird stuff I find at the thrift store on my phone than my own kids. I know. I’m the best mom ever), but how is this cute? First of all, I see upset kids regularly and I don’t think it’s a fun treat. Second of all, I also see entirely too many kid boogers in real life and don’t need to Preserve the Magic.


Pinterest 2

That is not homemade hot chocolate. No. It is homemade dry shampoo.


Because nothing says sexy like finding a way to go 4 days without a shower.

Or a pillowcase smeared with brown and covered in chocolate-loving bugs.


Pinterest 4



Lincoln Logs.


How are they cutting those? With scissors? Surely scissors would smash the tube because it’s a TOILET PAPER ROLL. An exacto knife? Perhaps. How many fingers are you willing to sacrifice for this project?

ALSO. Toilet paper costs around 50 cents a roll.

Lincoln Logs cost $30 for a set of 120 pieces, or 25 cents per piece.

I realize that everyone has toilet paper rolls and no one is buying them specifically to make crappy (hah!) toys that will cause your kids eyes to well up with tears o’ sadness, but probably you could make more money spending two hours clipping COUPONS for toilet paper than trying to carve the tubes into something that will be demolished in 45 seconds you cheap, cheap, cheapass.

Toilet paper rolls belong in the TRASH, people.