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Scene: Feeling bummed after a crappy day

Me: Do you think I should think about antidepressants?

Jim: I don’t know, do you?

Me: I don’t know. One of my friends is looking into a hormone therapy that is supposed to help with all this peri-menopause crap. My position has always been that I didn’t want to do anything like that, this is how God made us and I should tough it out. But I don’t know now. This sucks.

Me, glumly: Maybe God doesn’t like women.

Jim: I think maybe He doesn’t like MEN.


Scene: Aftermath of Misplaced-Wedding-Ring-Freakout

Me: I took it off to put lotion on. I get these little itchy dry spots under my ring because I’m always washing my hands and washing dishes and cleaning…

Jim: Maybe you should quit washing stuff.



Scene: Combing Big’s hair after a shower

Big: MOM! STOP! I just combed my hair LAST WEEK!


Scene: Snuggling with Little

Little, seriously: Mom. Everyone knows I’m the funniest one in the family, right?


Scene: Kissing kids goodbye as I head out the door to my Knitting Group

Big: MOM! Don’t get lipstick on me! I’m a MAN!