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• I’m here! I’m here! I know, I have been gone from this space lately (thank you, Julie, for checking on me! that makes me feel so happy when you guys notice I’m not around much). I’ve been busy doing Real Life. Real Life is decidedly less glamorous than Internet Life. There’s a lot more dirty laundry and dirty dishes, for one thing. I still love you all. I still read all your blogs and tweets, I just suck at commenting (my new iPad doesn’t let me comment. I love my iPad, but come on. People need to comment, Steve).

Anyway. I’m going to try harder.

On to the stories!

• Here’s an interesting story about a guy in his twenties who apparently ran the eBay of illegal substances from a Starbucks, and amassed billions of dollars in Bitcoin until he got caught. Apparently he also hired a hit man to rub out (heh) people who were going to rat him out to the Feds.

I get what a Bitcoin is, but how do you convert it to cash? Also, do I have anything I can sell for this ridiculously-named Monopoly money? Like, obviously I am not going to be a hitman (hitwoman? hitperson?), or traffic in drugs, but maybe someone will pony up some Bitcoins for ideas? I have a never ending supply of ideas. Like, one time I had an idea for a high chair with a slot that a baby bowl can click into so your kid can’t throw it on the floor (those suction-cup bowls are useless). But I never did anything about it, nor made a zillion dollars selling it. Now look, someone will take that idea and get rich and I’ll still be here thinking $4 is too much to spend on a shirt.

• Here is yet another interesting and gutsy post by Penelope Trunk about lies we all tell ourselves about childcare. I know some of you don’t like Penelope, but you can’t deny she questions popular views. I find myself agreeing with a lot of this post.

Attitudes about public school and childcare in this country remind me of The Emperor’s New Clothes, in that we’ve collectively closed our eyes to things that are so obviously true, and have been doing so for so long that we’ve lost the ability to see altogether.

Like those fishes that live in caves and have no eyes.

Or my husband and that pile of dirty socks he keeps by his side of the bed.

• Last week, Jim and I were hanging out with my best friend TeeVee, and someone mispronounced a Latin word and I not only RECOGNIZED it as Latin, I knew it was WRONG, because I am a Latin PRODIGY, practically, because I know 5 words now.

It was very exciting. I made Jim rewind while I crowed about it.

• Happy Monday, y’all! MWAH!