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• So New Friend turned me on to this website, Zulily, which is a discount site that probably everyone already knows about. I have ordered eleventy-hundred things from them, including a whole raft of Birkenstocks for THIRTY DOLLARS A PAIR.

please to enjoy my stellar photography skillz

ANYway, I ordered a turquoise tote bag a while back and have been looking forward to its arrival. It came Friday while I was out, and the mailman left one of those “Sorry we missed you” notes on the door. The note has a box that says “for redelivery, go to USPS.com/redelivery. Naturally, I was like, “Cool! I don’t have to GO anywhere, OR talk to another human!”

So I logon to USPS.com/redelivery, input all the information, including a 350-digit Article Number and get this notice:

Stupid Post Office

First of all, who can READ print that tiny? In case you can’t, it says  – ON the USPS.com/redelivery page – that I should go to USPS.com/redelivery TO ARRANGE REDELIVERY.

And then my head exploded and many, many, (oh so very, very many) cursewords came out.

• I recently fell in love with vintage Pyrex and decided to start a small collection. I know, it seems silly. I am not a collect-y kind of person (yarn doesn’t count. shut up). But every time I open my cabinet and see the happy little patterns, it makes me happy. One day on a whim, I checked eBay, and in a moment of weakness bid on an adorable little set of Pink Gooseberry.

Here’s two of them –

yep, that’s my finger. talented!

Here’s the third –


Boo. So sad.

Oh well. The lady did refund me a portion of my payment, and I was satisfied with that. Perhaps it’s a sign I should continue my hunt in the thrift stores and not on the internets.

• My favorite recent purchase of all, though, is this FANTASTIC orange chair.

yes, I still like orange

You’ll never believe – it was SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

I know. That is cringe-worthy for some of you. But trust me, this chair has no smell, no stains, no nothing. My shopping pals suggested that the original owner kept it in plastic for years, and I think they might be right. I tightened the legs and it’s solid as a rock. A happy, orange tweed rock.

In any event, I love it. Jim made a Doubtful Face when I brought it in, but I ignored him.

• Happy Monday, y’all! It’s Fall, the best time of the year!

11 Responses to “Random Monday – The one where I bought stuff”

  1. Kristy Says:

    So two questions for you.
    1. Do you wear socks with your Birkenstocks and wear them all year long?

    2. How do you know the chair didn’t smell. Did you actually stick your nose into the fabric?

    Curious in Minnesota.

  2. New Friend Says:

    Kristy-not only did she stick her nose in the fabric…all THREE of us stuck our noses in the fabric, in manner of a pack of dogs sniffing out their prey, which of course is what that fabulous chair was to us.

  3. Deb Says:

    Of course I did! All of us smelled it and inspected it and turned cushions over and looked underneath to marvel at the condition of the webbing… I had the blessing of two more experienced shoppers to lend their stamp of approval.

    Thrift shopping is an ART, not merely Randomly Collecting Smelly Crap. I assure you, I do not have a Hoarder’s House. LOL.

    Yes, I do sometimes wear socks with my Birks. Less often now. They are cute patterned SmartWool socks, not white gym socks – if that makes any difference.

  4. Happy Elf Mom Says:

    The chair is so tacky that it is wonderful! Enjoy! 🙂
    Happy Elf Mom´s last blog post ..Go to School, Get an iPad.

  5. Tressa Says:

    Orange? Ummm..ok.

    Sorry about the Pyrex. That breaks my heart. KEEP the lid! You never know when you will find a lidless dish.

    Zulilly. Have never shopped from there. Huh. Cool
    Tressa´s last blog post ..Hospice

  6. Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca Says:

    I like your chair. Mind you I have 60s pole lamp in my living room, so who am I to judge.

    I just got rid of one of my old pyrex casserole b/c it didn’t have a proper lid. And without a proper lid they’re useless. SO KEEP THAT LID!!!
    Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca´s last blog post ..Dim Bulbs Make Me Cranky.

  7. Julie McCune Says:

    Do the Birkenstocks get smelly? I can’t stand it when my sandals get smelly. That chair is fabulous and it’s screaming out for a lime green throw pillow.

  8. Karen@Candid Diversions Says:

    Love the chair!

    So, I also love Pyrex. I bought my first pieces this year. Then I had the bright idea to SELL some on eBay that I found (to fund buying more, of course) and my husband takes care of the eBay stuff around here (usually a good thing) but he didn’t charge nearly enough for shipping and I basically ended up paying some chick in California (FAR from where I am) to buy my dish. Unhappy times. VERY unhappy times. Put me right off Pyrex for a bit. (Also: unhappy with my husband of course, but I tried to get over that quicker because he’s worth more than Pyrex.)

    But now I’m feeling the thrifting urge again and it can only be ignored for so long…
    Karen@Candid Diversions´s last blog post ..Books of 2013 – September

  9. Jessica Says:

    I want to collect Pyrex! Along with the rest of the world, I suppose. So sad that the third one broke.

    That chair is amazing. Love it!
    Jessica´s last blog post ..Easter Was Last Week, Right?

  10. Eddie - The Usual Mayhem Says:

    I sentence that I never thought I`d type: Nice Pyrex! Love the pinkness of it. And my daughter plans to get herself to your house somehow and steal the chair.

    I`m a little afraid of Birkenstocks, and not just because my mother in law wears them

  11. Nicole Boyhouse Says:

    I love those Pyrex! They are fantastic. The birks are cute too.
    Nicole Boyhouse´s last blog post ..Nicole’s Favourite Things – FALLing in Love Edition