Random Monday – The one where I bought stuff

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• So New Friend turned me on to this website, Zulily, which is a discount site that probably everyone already knows about. I have ordered eleventy-hundred things from them, including a whole raft of Birkenstocks for THIRTY DOLLARS A PAIR.

please to enjoy my stellar photography skillz

ANYway, I ordered a turquoise tote bag a while back and have been looking forward to its arrival. It came Friday while I was out, and the mailman left one of those “Sorry we missed you” notes on the door. The note has a box that says “for redelivery, go to USPS.com/redelivery. Naturally, I was like, “Cool! I don’t have to GO anywhere, OR talk to another human!”

So I logon to USPS.com/redelivery, input all the information, including a 350-digit Article Number and get this notice:

Stupid Post Office

First of all, who can READ print that tiny? In case you can’t, it says  – ON the USPS.com/redelivery page – that I should go to USPS.com/redelivery TO ARRANGE REDELIVERY.

And then my head exploded and many, many, (oh so very, very many) cursewords came out.

• I recently fell in love with vintage Pyrex and decided to start a small collection. I know, it seems silly. I am not a collect-y kind of person (yarn doesn’t count. shut up). But every time I open my cabinet and see the happy little patterns, it makes me happy. One day on a whim, I checked eBay, and in a moment of weakness bid on an adorable little set of Pink Gooseberry.

Here’s two of them –

yep, that’s my finger. talented!

Here’s the third –


Boo. So sad.

Oh well. The lady did refund me a portion of my payment, and I was satisfied with that. Perhaps it’s a sign I should continue my hunt in the thrift stores and not on the internets.

• My favorite recent purchase of all, though, is this FANTASTIC orange chair.

yes, I still like orange

You’ll never believe – it was SIXTY-FIVE DOLLARS.

I know. That is cringe-worthy for some of you. But trust me, this chair has no smell, no stains, no nothing. My shopping pals suggested that the original owner kept it in plastic for years, and I think they might be right. I tightened the legs and it’s solid as a rock. A happy, orange tweed rock.

In any event, I love it. Jim made a Doubtful Face when I brought it in, but I ignored him.

• Happy Monday, y’all! It’s Fall, the best time of the year!