Serious Thursday

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• So in Detroit, a teacher had sex with an 8th grader and is going to prison. And during the trial and sentencing, the school board and fellow teachers supported him and petitioned the judge for leniency.

The victim’s father found this so outrageous, he started trying to get those teachers fired.

The teachers who backed up and made excuses for a pedophile.

The teachers who would choose to protect a predator and not the hundreds of children they are entrusted with every day.

The school board declined to fire the child-molester-supporting teachers, out of fear they might be sued. The teachers will attend Ethics Training instead.

In some circles, the victim’s father – the trouble maker who just couldn’t seem to grasp that the child-molesting teacher was not a predator at all, but simply someone who let “a friendship go too far;” the father whose 14 year old had his childhood torn away; the father who couldn’t understand HOW anyone could support the child-molesting, family-ruining predator, nevermind write letters to the judge asking for LENIENCY; – that father has been vilified as leading a “witch hunt” and HAD HIS GARAGE BURNED DOWN IN RETALIATION.

I don’t know about you, but that whole situation fills me with sorrow and anger.

• Speaking of child predators, Finding a Healing Place is a blog written by a woman who was married to one for 40 years and only discovered he was a pedophile after he was arrested. She is telling her story in the hopes of educating people about warning signs and things to look for so we can protect our children. It is not an easy read, but very informative. Start here, then work your way backward from May 15, 2013.

Listen to your intuition. We have them for a reason.

• In other news, the Common Core (YES, I am still ON THIS) has all sorts of insidious messages embedded into the new Language Arts curriculum, namely lessons in manipulating others with words with a side of parents are stoopid.

at the end of the video there is a link to a clinical therapist who talks about how damaging this sort of language and focus is to undeveloped brains (not the most watchable video ever, but some VERY interesting points made) –

• And to round out the trifecta, Lori Pickert linked to this article on Facebook –  the effects of  “self-regulation” and “behavior management” on kids. There is one anecdote in the story of a boy who had trouble sitting cross-legged and the teacher told the parents to get him tested for a LEARNING DIFFERENCE. They had to get an outside therapist to prove to the school their son did not have a mental health disorder. Is not being limber a diagnosis that requires an IEP and thousands of dollars of therapy now?

Look around, people. We are witnessing the decline of civilization.

Even on those days when it takes Big 5 hours to do math and I burst into tears when Jim asks me how the day went… even on those days, I am grateful for the freedom, the ability, and the passion to homeschool my children.

• I’ll leave you with the always brilliant Grit – Long may we footle. (what’s footle-ing, you ask? who knows, she’s British)