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• Good morning, people. Can you believe it’s almost October? I’m kind of at a loss as to where the last 6 months has gone, actually.

• In Your Helpful Government News, a geeky sort called Puking Monkey discovered New York City has been using EZPasses not only in toll lanes, but also just to see where people go in general throughout the city. No big deal. Just tracking your movements. You know. For traffic reasons. Nothing to see here, move along Citizen.

• Here’s an article by a guy who did his daughter’s homework alongside her for a week and it nearly killed him. Very interesting.

• Last night when Jim was trying to navigate behind some furniture to close windows, I told him if he fell and broke his other arm I was just going to shoot him and put him out of his misery. I told him he should look at it as a kindness, like they do for horses. He was not persuaded.

• Big has done two chapters of third grade math, and after learning his Zero Times Tables, proclaimed multiplication the easiest thing ever. Hopefully this attitude lasts another 30 chapters, but I doubt it.

• Happy Monday! Sorry I don’t have more interesting things to talk about. I’ve been doing laundry for 72 straight hours and have only done about half. It’s a laugh riot over here.