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• A couple weeks ago when I was ranting about the Common Core (that’s not really narrowing it down much, is it?), Creative Madness Mama left me a comment linking to her own post about how prescient C.S. Lewis’  Screwtape Letters were on the subject. Fascinating. (how many points do I get for “prescient”?)

• Remember Citizen: Just accept what you are told and stop having opinions and questioning authority or you could be like the guy who was arrested for asking a question at a Common Core Parent Information Night. Uncle Knows Best. Now, who needs to be told what kind of light bulbs to buy? How much salt they should ingest? Anyone? Anyone? The line for Re-Education Camp forms on the left.

• Anyone out there studying genetics or biology? Check this out – it’s COOOOL. Move the slider under the picture to see the perspective.

• Speaking of science, the Daily Mail is reports World’s top climate scientists confess: Global warming is just QUARTER what we thought – and computers got the effects of greenhouse gases wrong. In fact, Antarctic sea ice is at record breaking amounts this year. So there you have it. We can stop worrying about Global Warming, and segue right in to worrying about Global Cooling. Or something. Whatever. More here and here.

I’m gonna write to Al Gore and demand a refund. Mama needs a bigger SUV.

(side note, Al Gore must be smarter than I thought he was, because that Carbon Offset con was the most brilliant pile of BS I ever heard. “send me a check every time you get on an airplane and I will sell my soul to Al Jazeera for a bazillion dollars save the woooooorrrrrld…!”)

• This is funny – 7 Ways to be Insufferable on Facebook. I know people who do all those things. A guy who posts mournful song lyrics every time his wife goes out for girl’s night? Check. Several people who post vague, depressing, random relationship updates and then refuse to talk about it? Check. People who are just looking for a fight? Check. (seriously, I once went back and forth like 48 times with someone who wanted to argue when I said wearing flip flops to hike at Yellowstone was stupid. which it is. sorry.)

• I have a problem. All my laundry is turning gray in dingy. I first noticed it with the bathroom rugs. Then the kitchen towels. Now all our clothes are turning gray. I have tried bleach, color safe bleach, pre-soaking, extra-rinsing, everything I can think of. And the towels just get grayer and grayer and grayer. It is very frustrating. I don’t know if it’s the water here, or what. In fairness, I use pretty cheap detergent (Arm&Hammer or All), but maybe I should go back to Tide. Anyone have any ideas? Even BLEACH is not getting my whites white! (wow, I sound like a 50’s housewife now, don’t I?) The socks, the undershirts, everything is GRAY. I just spent $35 buying new cute winter girlie clothes for Little at the thrift store, I’d just as soon they not turn gray before she even has a chance to rub dirt and peanut butter all over them.

Ideas, Internet?

• Happy Monday, y’all!