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Dancing with Dictators – Kanye got 3 million smackeroonies to perform for some big shot in Kazakhstan, that beacon of human rights. What’s wrong with these people? Are they ignorant? Do they have a well-thought out position of  moral relativism? Do they not have enough money? More importantly, can we ship Miley Cyrus over there? Have her stay a while? Maybe attend a re-education camp devoted solely to training people to keep their nasty-ass tongues in their damn mouths?

• I took out an ad in the This Old Schoolhouse Homeschool Business and Entrepreneur Directory. Because that’s what I am now. An entrepreneur. Doesn’t that sound fancy? Go buy a sharpener.

Penelope Trunk on the pointlessness of the Public/Private school debate. Because school itself doesn’t work.

Ten College Professors Speak Out Against the Common Core**.

The Common Core TALKS about rigorous standards, but the real position of the National Center on Education and the Economy in it’s own documents is that it’s not important under Common Core to have high educational standards in high school; that it’s silly to waste time educating all high school graduates as high as the level of Algebra II.

Listen, people. I know I harp on this. Maybe when it’s dead I’ll stop. You know what bothers me? That I know only ONE public school mom who is bothered by this. ONE. If I sent my kids to public school and there was a big hue and cry over some new federalized curriculum, I’d be all over it, trying to figure out what it meant for my family. I have relatives who send their kids to public school and they NEVER comment when I talk about this. I think they discount what I have to say because as a homeschooler they automatically think I either don’t know anything about the public school system, or that everything I say will be overly negative because I am biased against school in general. They need to wake up. The Common Core won’t impact my kids, but it will theirs. Do I care more than they do about their own kids’ education? How can that be?

It also bothers me that I will be sending my kids out into a world filled with people who have been educated under this system, which is now so blatantly socialist I don’t see how it’s an insult to just admit it. A system that pumps out people who only know how to manipulate using emotions and words, not facts. People who think that “informational texts” qualify as something worth reading. People who have spent their whole lives being groomed to be another gray, unthinking, faceless brick in the wall. It’s worrisome. How can our country survive when original thought, creativity, and innovation are gone? (not to mention any sense of morality **cough** Miley Cyrus **cough** but that’s a rant for another day.)

• Anyway. Happy Monday, y’all! Here’s to surviving the week!


(**hat tip: Celtic Muse)