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I was debating whether or not to even post today, but then I saw this on Pinterest:

How To Fold Plastic Shopping Bags**

Shopping Bag Folding WTF



How to fold.




I just… I can’t… I mean, why? WHY? Why do you need to do that?

First of all, I don’t get (and I realize I am probably in the minority on this, so I have braced myself for the outrage) why people keep those stupid bags. WHY. 

I know people use them in their bathroom trash cans. But do you know how much a roll of bathroom-sized trash bags costs? A dollar. A dollar for a neat little bundle of trash bags that will last forever and will not multiply into a giant flapping organism attacking me every time I open the cabinet door under the sink. A DOLLAR.

Secondly, even if I DID decide for some bizarre reason to keep shopping bags (like if we get a dog and I need to pick up his poo, which will never happen because a) dogs and b) poo), I would certainly not have time to FOLD THEM into tiny little folded flag shapes. I can barely find the time to take a shower once in a while, never mind fold a bunch of stupid little bags every time I get home from WalMart. How does that work, anyway? Do you fold them every time you get home? Or do you have a box of them that you keep in a cupboard for the day the urge to fold something, anything, strikes? If I had nothing better to do than watch soap operas and eat bon-bons, I can virtually guarantee I would never be so bored as to resort plastic shopping bag origami.

And don’t start in on me about recycling. Even if you DO use them as trash bags, they STILL get thrown away. So it’s not really recycling, it’s more like delaying the inevitable. Stuffing a shopping bag with used kleenexes does not mean it won’t eventually find it’s way to the sea, where it will immediately attempt to strangle a pelican.

If you really cared about pelicans, you’d make Shopping Bag Dresses

Shopping Bag Dress

Or Coats

Shopping Bag Coat

Or Chickens

Shopping Bag Chicken

So. There you go. Random Rant, courtesy of the Callous, Unfeeling, Pelican-Hating, Grouchy Lady at Not Inadequate.

**apologies to the shopping bag folders; probably this whole post was generated out a deep seated envy of those more organized than I.

That chicken is kinda cute…