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So Jim went on a stupid business trip all last week. He left on Monday at 4:00am.

Big woke up and did the crying and hugging and “Imma miss you daddyyyyyy!” thing while Jim got ready to go, and then came and got in bed with me when the airport shuttle finally drove out of sight.

Please enjoy ~

List of Things Occurring to Eight Year Old Boy at FOUR FREAKING AY-EM.

• Those jam cookies we had that time were good, can we make them tomorrow?

• We should make meatball sandwiches with a really nice soft bread, can we do that tomorrow?

• Speaking of bread, you know that sandwich you made me last week? The bread was too chewy. So. Just saying.

• How is chocolate made and can we make it tomorrow?

• How is yeast flash-frozen and can we do that tomorrow?

• Can we make a bicycle pump-water bottle rocket thingy tomorrow?

• How is cork made? Would you ever buy a cork floor? I wouldn’t. It would be too hard to sweep.

• How are rolled oats made and can we roll our own tomorrow? We can find something in the garage to use.

• How come if you hook the end of a chain to a magnet, the magnetism doesn’t flow down the chain like electricity would?

• How come we haven’t heard any cicadas this year?

Things a Very Tired Mom Said in Response:

• Let’s go to sleep, buddy. K? Please?

• Probably you can’t hear the cicadas over all this question asking.

• Hey, Big. Guess what? If you were a shark, you’d be a Yammerhead Shark. Yammerhead, get it? Just a giant mouth with a tail, that’s what you’d be.