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Lindsey Vonn calls Tiger Woods “the best boyfriend ever!”  

Just maybe he’s not so good at being a husband, eh?

Scotland wants to assign a government agent to every. single. child. So that sounds…creepy.

Oh wait – the agent is supposed to “promote, support or safeguard the well-being of every child from birth.” That’s okay then.

• I was thisclose to ordering a custom lampshade last week. It was only $69. For a custom lampshade! CUSTOM, people. A bargain! And especially since I was going to put it on my $3 thrift store lamp, the total cost would still be nothing, practically.

But I didn’t. That stupid Tightwad Deb messed up my whole plan and I bought a plain white one instead. Dang it.

• Jim was out of town all last week. Happily the kids and I did not get locked out half-naked, like last time. And even though he was 2000 miles away, I still kept him up-to-date on what was going on.


Isn’t technology great?

Oh – I keep forgetting to tell you. I have been writing a series on Freezer Cooking at Enchanted Homeschooling Mom. Here’s Part One, Part Two, and Part Three for those who haven’t read enough of my freezer propaganda.