In Which I am a Poser

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In May, I was so over school even though we weren’t done; I convinced myself to just, um, sort of QUIT, and that we’d pick back up in August and working the ends of all the books would serve as a review and probably that is the most brilliant idea ever.

Now it’s practically August, and I’m all, “crap. we didn’t finish last year.”

In fact, not only did we not finish last year, but I still haven’t bought anything for this year. The thought of it makes me want to take a nap. Is there a thing called Fourth Year Burnout or something? Because I have it.

I also managed to let the summer slip away without doing all those things I wanted to do with the kids – baking, wood shop, sewing, art…

Well, we have done some art, but mostly what it gave me was an epiphany that I suck at being patient while my kids mangle paint brushes and waste water color paper and grind Sculpey clay into the carpet. Because Hai, I suck.

Also? We just got a library card last weekend. What kind of poser homeschooler doesn’t have a library card?


Anyway. How are you all doing?

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  1. Tressa Says:

    Not well. Although, I did some research about stuff yesterday. I think I know what I am going to do, but I need to purchase it. So that is something.
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  2. Kristy Says:

    Yeah, I’m over it too.

  3. Momofarrows Says:

    Yep… Was there in May…reaping not sticking it out now. Daily I say, are we going to start the yer at the end of Math or the beginning…
    We switching core curriculums this year though so that kind of gives me a new slate…

  4. New Friend Says:

    You know what? It is extremely difficult having the weight of homeschooling TWO CHILDREN-the two children you want the ABSOLUTE MOST AND BEST FOR-on your shoulders EVERY DAY. I am looking at it from the other side, the side that has finished this crazy, wonderful, frustrating, life affirming experience and you know what I see? I see two very intelligent children with a love of learning and interested, invested, loving parents who are doing a great job! A good friend once told me(when I was having a similar panic attack,” YOU DON’T HAVE TO FINISH ALL THE BOOKS” and while at the time I thought she was INSANE-I mean, HOW CAN YOU LEAVE BOOKS UNFINISHED?? What if they miss a vital piece of information THAT WILL RUIN THEIR LIVES FOREVER because I forgot to teach it?!!-she was right. The kids in “real school”rarely finish the books. When you take a college course if the book is used at all it is rarely gone through with a fine toothed comb. So relax(I HATE when people tell me to relax but suck it up and do it anyway). Take a good look at those precious, smart, funny, kind kids you have. They are pretty great, right? YOU did that. Now go get a cookie and send that cute husband for a Starbucks and BREATHE WOMAN.

  5. hikooky Says:

    Ahhhh you are not alone. TOME ALERT. Hey, we are starting year 4 too. Here’s my dilemma: floor installation on the first level of our house (kitchen, bathroom, living room, school room) was to be completed on Monday of this week. Because of a flaw in the wood finish, flooring will not BEGIN until August 8. We have been without floors for 3 weeks and have 2 weeks to go. Our entire first floor had been moved into the garage. We now have bare minimum furniture to get us through, but GUESS WHAT??? We start school in 4 days. Where is my bookcase? In the garage. Where are the books? In boxes in the garage, in stacks upstairs, in piles on the hearth… Uh-huh. And I was just diagnosed with an arrhythmia and prescribed a medicine that’s what? It’s supposed to make me feel SUPER TIRED. Uh-huh. Cause that’s what I need. To be wandering around my strewn-about schooling materials like a drooling zombie. Aiyiyi. I feel that God is telling me, “Hey! Lighten up! It’s about time you stopped believing the machinations of life depend on your trifling efforts.” So I say, “Okay, God. Let’s do this your way.” And so I’m doing my best and trusting God with the rest. (You’re welcome for that little poem.)

  6. Renee C Says:

    Yes. Let’s declare Fourth Year Burnout a thing. That is why I can’t get excited about planning. That is why I start to look at math curricula, but somehow end up out on the porch drinking iced coffee and reading Sookie Stackhouse books while the kids scream at each other over Legos. I’m living with FYB.

  7. Rose Says:

    Perhaps you don’t want to read this: we schooled until mid-June and will start back August 05, we did not finish yet, probably won’t until mid-October, but I am ok with that! I do however, have all but one textbook in the house!!! I am currently working on inputting info into the v-planner, so I can get a handle on things……no we did not do all the things I wanted this summer but it is ok, we did the most important things: swim team, swim lessons, trip to the zoo, saw the teacher, free time!!!!! We are hoping to do some hiking this fall. Just try to relax and start thinking about curriculum! Once you start you will be fine……I always am and I’ve been doing this forever…………
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  8. Lisa Says:

    “New Friend” is such a good find! What lovely and sensible words!

    Do what I am doing; the money I am saving on private education I am squirreling away for the kids to use on phsychiatrists when they are older and hold me responsible for every mistake I have made in their education, lives, etc. Lessens the worry of actually teaching the little mons… er dahlings anything.
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  9. Ingi (@ingidefygravity) Says:

    Well, don’t fret – it’s the middle of winter somewhere in the world! This is the trouble with using Other People’s Books – you feel like you have to “finish” them. I pick stuff out so I never have to finish anything.

    Um – no Craft Mum, or Art Mum or Ideas Mum. Nope. Not happening.

    Library cards – I work there, so I kinda have to have one…
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  10. Karen Says:

    I have missed you. It’s been awhile since you made me snort my drink through my nose. Keilee has done tons of crafty things, thank God she doesn’t need me to plan things! Googled Easy Peasy homeschool. Planned out DAY BY DAY and free. 🙂

  11. Julie Says:

    I feel you girlie!