In Which I am a Poser

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In May, I was so over school even though we weren’t done; I convinced myself to just, um, sort of QUIT, and that we’d pick back up in August and working the ends of all the books would serve as a review and probably that is the most brilliant idea ever.

Now it’s practically August, and I’m all, “crap. we didn’t finish last year.”

In fact, not only did we not finish last year, but I still haven’t bought anything for this year. The thought of it makes me want to take a nap. Is there a thing called Fourth Year Burnout or something? Because I have it.

I also managed to let the summer slip away without doing all those things I wanted to do with the kids – baking, wood shop, sewing, art…

Well, we have done some art, but mostly what it gave me was an epiphany that I suck at being patient while my kids mangle paint brushes and waste water color paper and grind Sculpey clay into the carpet. Because Hai, I suck.

Also? We just got a library card last weekend. What kind of poser homeschooler doesn’t have a library card?


Anyway. How are you all doing?