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So this is all very appalling and amusing and I admit to having a very strong urge to smack that woman across the face.

…and yet.

I think she has a point when she says we all do it, we just aren’t as blatant about it. I am very, very particular about who my children spend time with, although hopefully my reasons are less snotty and awful and judgey-pants than hers. Like, if they want to play with someone named Tyler I won’t run screaming; but if the daddy has bullet holes tattooed on his head and wears his pants around his ankles, I might be less than enthusiastic.

In case you can’t bring yourself to watch the whole thing and don’t catch the delicious irony at the end, she declares she doesn’t like children named after footballers or geographic areas……but her own daughter is named India. NOT named after the country, apparently.

I wonder how she feels about a mom who buys 90% of her children’s wardrobe at the thrift store because all they do is rub dirt all over themselves? And then shoves the aforementioned kids outside for the express purpose of rubbing dirt all over themselves?

If you don’t like watching videos, this article in the Daily Mail gets all the salient points across. There are several pictures of Kate Hopkins and her children, and frankly I thought some very mean things about them while I was reading it.

I don’t care for her hair, for one thing. I’d never associate with someone who wore their hair like that. Did the stylist spend so much time wrestling Kate’s hair into that helmet there was no time left for the children? Because a minute with a hairbrush could have done wonders for that lot (personally, I comb my son’s hair at least three times a year).

And while we’re on the subject, who chose those hideous dresses? My first impression, I kid you not, was they were some kind of nightgown brought home from a recent stay in the hospital. HIDEOUS. Suri Cruise would not approve.

And what do we think of the kind of upbringing that allows shoes on the furniture? Hmmmm? Ugly shoes at that.

Kate Hopkins Horrid Person