Grouchy, But in a Normal Way. OBV.

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Last week I took Big to Costco.

We got lucky and they were handing out samples.

I told Big to go snag a granola bar sample, and he raced over and yanked one off the tray like he was robbing a bank. I reminded him to slow down and say thank you. He turned, flashed a shy smile, and did.

The sample lady apparently thought I needed backup, and decided this was a good moment to offer some manners advice of her own, so she gave him a mini-lecture on always saying thank you.

Which I did not appreciate because DUDE. I COVERED IT.

Am I alone in being irritated at this kind of thing? My kid needed to be polite, I reminded him to be polite, and he was polite. I don’t need some cranky old lady chiming in with her two cents because DUDE. I HANDLED IT.

I am extremely grouchy in general, though, so I didn’t know if being annoyed was normal.

Probably it is.

10 Responses to “Grouchy, But in a Normal Way. OBV.”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Man someone needs their sugar level checked … :p

    Between us though those ladies annoy me too. Thankfully my girls are like totes perfect so never get pulled up on things like that … bahahaha Love yah Deb xxxx
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  2. Kristy Says:

    That would irritate me too. The other day at Target, Zack sort of leaned into the empty cashier stand adjacent to where we were standing in line and stared at the cash register. Our cashier then began to lecture him on “not being allowed back there” and “not touching things that don’t belong to him.”

    I just smiled at Zack and didn’t say one. single. word. Dude, I was livid though. He really wasn’t doing anything and did not require a 5-minute lecture. I didn’t give her the satisfaction of even backing her up.

  3. hikooky Says:

    Yeah, I’m no fan of the Buttinsky either. I had a close family relative pull the same stunt with my kid and me in my own home. Then they proceeded with arrogance as I stood my ground. I’m with you. I think it’s fine to engage kids in friendly conversation from time to time, or step in if they’re about to suffer bodily injury. Being the pseudo-mom/boss RIGHT IN FRONT OF THE REAL MOM is just totally misguided.

  4. Julie Says:

    This kinda thing annoys me too. It’s my kid and I’ll decide when they need a lecture!!

  5. MamaSky Says:

    I know most times people are trying to be helpful- but it doesnt mean we want their type of help. We all parent differently, each kid is different and unless I invite you to get involved then stay out of it. Unless my kids are in danger then you have no reason to ‘educate’ them without my permission.

  6. Shauna Says:

    I don’t even have kids, and I would be irritated by that. I mean, you had already covered it. What made her feel compelled to tack on? Now, if he had been climbing the endcap, and you hadn’t said anything, then I could maybe see someone saying something, but this was inappropriate.

  7. maysdays Says:

    I’ve had two friends/family members tell me that they did not receive a thank you note from my child (7 and 8) for xyz that we sent and go on to flat out request one, even tho we called and made a fuss and showed appreciation in other ways. One reminded me of “social graces and completing the circle of giving” and the other let me know that “this could be one of their school lessons.” Oh, thank you- I never thought of that. All I can conclude in those red-hot moments is that they may love my kids enough to send them something but not me enough to let me off the thank-you note hook! PS. It’s not that we NEVER send thanks yous, it’s just that stuff falls through the cracks sometimes, right??

  8. mollie Says:

    Unless a kid is about to hurt himself (running near traffic) or another kid (swinging a bat around at tball) butt out. I will occasionally say something like “careful sweetie” if I notice a kid about to spill something, drop something heavy, trip, etc.

  9. Rose Says:

    yeah, would not have gone over well with me at all!!!!! I might have said something to her but that depends on my mood at the time.
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  10. Sarah Says:

    I read through some of your blog last night and was LITERALLY crying laughing. I kept reading parts to my husband. The pepper flake in the eye, the desire to shove a crab fork in your ear, and being willing to fight an unarmed clown to avoid running. That last one had me doubled-over crying!

    Bookmarked your blog and can’t wait to hear more!

    P.S. You are my decorating hero. I’m not as brave as you and don’t have the decorating vision to know what the possibilities are, but I want to!!! Maybe I’ll just copy everything you do! Lazy?