Grouchy, But in a Normal Way. OBV.

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Last week I took Big to Costco.

We got lucky and they were handing out samples.

I told Big to go snag a granola bar sample, and he raced over and yanked one off the tray like he was robbing a bank. I reminded him to slow down and say thank you. He turned, flashed a shy smile, and did.

The sample lady apparently thought I needed backup, and decided this was a good moment to offer some manners advice of her own, so she gave him a mini-lecture on always saying thank you.

Which I did not appreciate because DUDE. I COVERED IT.

Am I alone in being irritated at this kind of thing? My kid needed to be polite, I reminded him to be polite, and he was polite. I don’t need some cranky old lady chiming in with her two cents because DUDE. I HANDLED IT.

I am extremely grouchy in general, though, so I didn’t know if being annoyed was normal.

Probably it is.