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• I’ve been recording this PBS show called Martha Stewart’s Cooking School. I’ve only seen two episodes so far, one about making your own pasta (which Big is obsessed with doing), and one about pasta sauces. The kids and I cuddled on the couch last week and watched them. Martha made a Puttanesca sauce, and then started in on the origins of the name. Apparently eschewing nicer euphemisms, she felt compelled to use the word “whore” like three times in sixty seconds.

Martha Stewart and PBS: Keeping it Classy.

• The other day, Little came down the stairs complaining that her brother kept talking to her about stuff she didn’t want to talk about (read: Legos).

Awesome Mom said, “WHAT? Someone keeps talking to you about stuff you don’t care about? What’s THAT like? That sounds HORRIBLE!”

• I had such a great day on Friday. The knitting group is meeting on Fridays for a while, which is a fun way to start the weekend. New Friend and I spent the afternoon thrifting, and I scored SO MUCH GREAT STUFF. You will all continue to be inundated with posts about Other People’s Crap, so brace yourselves.

• Another great thing about last Friday was that I was able to meet the Homeschool Evaluator! In Colorado, kids have to either take standardized tests or get evaluated in the odd grades beginning in 3rd. Big will be in 3rd grade next year, and all my homeschooly buddies (you know who you are) have assured me that an evaluator is the way to go.

She asked me about curriculum, and I hemed and hawed and eventually confessed that I vacillate wildly between Classical and Unschooling, and was getting ready to tell her that I knew it was the road to Crazy Town, when she exclaimed, “Me too!” and we both agreed that we didn’t meet too many other people like that and became Facebook friends on the spot, and can I just tell you how exciting this is for me? Probably that big run-on sentence gave it away. I have been slightly concerned about the 3rd grade evaluation since we started homeschooling, and now I feel SO MUCH BETTER. She is a homeschooler who has a teaching certificate, which allows her to do the evaluations, but also makes her obviously very homeschool friendly and that is just the Ideal Scenario.

Probably that was a bullet point where you’re like, “yeah, we get it, blah-blah-blah, are you really spending two paragraphs on that? what is the Bloggess talking about today?” **click**

• This guy –

• Happy Monday, y’all!