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• I am going to write the Big Announcement-y post tomorrow, so do not worry, you will know soon. Be kind, I was not kidding about being nervous to tell you. Is it confessing my chronic misuse of commas? Ooh, the suspense!

• The trip to Utah has something to do with it. We took I-70 to get there, which is a beautiful drive. Truly spectacular. We drove through Vail. Vail is very fancy. I saw a house with a strange-looking turret, and then finally realized it was a private observatory.


Who has that much money? That’s a whole ‘nother level of rich.

• I told my sister we were going away for the weekend –


• We talked about Sister Wives several times while in Utah:

Jim: It’s pretty here

Me: It is, isn’t it? We should move here.

Jim: Can we get some more wives if we do?

Me: Heck, yeah! I need to shift some of this workload, you know what I’m saying? I’ll be the wife who…

(and at this point I paused to swallow my Pringles, because I am POLITE that way, JIM)

Jim: ….bosses everyone?

Me: wordless gesture

• Another car conversation, this one while the kids were playing some obnoxious game (involving buffalo, because don’t they all?) they tried to drag me into.

Me: I’m not part of this game, and while we’re on the subject, knock it off.

Little: Mommy, you are the only person who can take something fun and make it boring.

Me: I suck that way.


• The drive home was almost unbearable. UNBEARABLE. For some reason, I-70 was wall-to-wall people all up in my way, and what should have been a two-hour drive was stop and go for FIVE HOURS.


I may or may not have thought about ramming gently tapping the guy in front of me, because at least that way I’d probably get to ride in a cop car and probably wouldn’t have to sit in traffic.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up while you still can!