Vases and Tablecloths and Old Purses, Oh My

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I’ve been sorting through our crap recently.

It’s super fun.

The goal is to turn this disorganized pile of randomly shaped bins and cardboard boxes –

look at all that crap. ugh.

Into a neat and orderly pile comprised of all-the-same-size, stackable lockers like this –

please to enjoy my most excellent camera skillz.¬†all those labels are various iterations on the word “crap.”
does that really say “tchotchkes, don’t need?
that scrapbooking bin is OLD scrapbooking stuff, not to be confused with the Project Life stuff which resides in my office. OBV.

I thought we got RID of stuff. I mean, we DID get rid of stuff, but apparently it was all the WRONG stuff.

Toaster? Got rid of it.

Blender? Donated.

All my paint supplies, including my beloved 2-inch sash brush that I’ve had FOREVER? Can’t find it.

Special spice rack that screws into the cabinet and pulls down so short people can see what’s in the cupboard and that I made a special trip to The Container Store to buy? Can’t find that either.

I do have 495 muffin tins in the cupboard because I DON’T KNOW WHY. GET OFF MY BACK. JEEZ.

What I have found so far –

ooooh girl, those are CUTE! I’m taking those upstairs!

Vases. That’s the tip of the iceberg, too. And you can never have too many options of stuff to put IN your vases, amIright or amIright?

Vase. Filler. People. Aspen slices? Rattan balls? CHECK AND CHECK.

Hang on, what about these?

I quite like these wooden apples, actually. I snagged them for free from a garage sale my mom had,
and I’ve since seen them for $35 a set at antique malls. They are an investment, practically. right?

There’s also this thing –

I’d be a damn fool to get rid of a perfectly good wooden orb. anyone can see that.

When I started, I thought for sure I’d come across a ton more stuff to donate or give away, and had all kinds of mental plans to take some treats to the knitting group and watch the girls fight like piranha find good homes for them.

Here’s what I had after an entire afternoon of sorting and sifting and repacking –


One tiny square of hideous fabric. Lame.

Probably the kids and Jim have stuff to get rid of. I’ll go look.