Other People’s Crap in Mah House

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Continuing along in the Deb Decorates Series, aka Other People’s Crap in My House, here is more of the Living Room –

This chair was a Craig’s List find.

It’s a virtually unused chair from Pottery Barn. Apparently it was in the guest room of the man who owned it, and it did not get a lot of traffic. That could be the furniture equivalent of buying a car from an old lady who never drove except to go to church, but work with me here.


The guy would not budge from his price of $280. I’d rather have paid $250, but I am still very happy with the deal.

Next to the chair is the television credenza, which I bought years ago on a thrifting trip with my sister. I got it for FIFTY BUCKS, believe it or not, and I am pretty sure it’s actually worth more like several hundred.

I don’t know why it looks so dusty. It wasn’t, I promise.

The top used to have white marble slabs inlaid into it, but they, um, broke during transport. I went to a granite place and picked out a remnant, which they cut to the exact right measurements and beveled for me.

It holds all the wires and stuff for the television.

I detest wires. I cannot stand to see wires. They are sloppy and icky. Since the back of this piece was way too nice to go drilling a hole into, we drilled into the bottom of the cabinet. Clever, yes? I maintained the integrity of the piece all the way around, but still modernized it to hold all the dreaded wires. Probably at some point in the future, I will wax it to brighten up the wood a little.

My favorite table in the house is this old fashioned school desk, and it’s the side table by the sofa. Yet another antique mall find.

that lamp came from the thrift store. eight bucks.
the basket holds Us Weekly the Rainbow Resource Catalog.

So there you have it. The Living Room. Full of Other People’s Crap.