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• I think the Harlem Shake is stupid. Sorry.

• I also do not get this new Candy Crush game everyone is so enthralled with. It looks like a lame version of Bejewelled to me.

• The other day, after an ENTIRE WEEK of riding a real bike, my daughter says to me, “Look Mom! No hands!”

I swear. That child is going to kill me. She isn’t afraid of anything.

Well, except getting her hair brushed.

• My kids are growing up. The other day, I looked at Little and her legs were sooooo long. Big’s face is all angular and boy-ish; the final traces of his little perfectly round pumpkin head, gone.


I love each age even more than the last, but still mourn every time I have to get rid of too-small clothes, or I realize they’ve outgrown previously favorite toys, or even when I noticed that Big is all about Mythbusters and Bob the Builder is nothing but a memory.

It’s kind of stressing me out, honestly. Can’t they stay mine forever? I keep having these little panicky moments. Like the other day I was watching House Hunters International and some guy met a girl and he moved to Ireland for her. All I could think about was his poor mama and how my son better never move off to another country and leave me. I am seriously tearing up just thinking about it.


• Happy Monday, y’all! Summertime is in full swing now! Link up and tell me what you are doing!