Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all

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Little came into my bed this morning and told me that what makes me great me is my hair.

“It’s not just gray, mom, it’s SILVER.”

Random Monday

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• I love the twitter feed of Honest Toddler –

Honest Toddler Twitter

• Dawn sent me a link to the tumblr Reasons My Son is Crying and I forgot to include it last week, but OH MY GOSH THE FUNNY. I wish I had thought of this, frankly. (Dawn! So funny! Thanks for the link!)

• If you’ve seen that Dove commercial that seems to have driven women to tears about their unrealized beauty, you need to see this:

• Last night I made Chocolate Pudding in the Microwave and we watched Amercian Hoggers.

Yep. It’s a party over here, people. You only wish you could come over and eat pudding and watch a guy petting a turkey that’s sitting on his lap.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up your own Randomness below!