Random Monday – 3rd Rate Music Show Edition

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We watched part of the Billboard Music Awards last night, due primarily to a lack of interest in anything else. I figured the BM Awards was a D-List show when Kanye West didn’t jump on stage and have a hissy fit when Taylor Swift won everything.

Here are some things I discovered:

• Madonna still thinks people want to see her half-naked. Mistakenly. Lady, you are 54 years old. Put on some clothes.

• Jim’s Coolness Factor would increase exponentially if he changed his name to PitBull. He’s not going for it. Lame.

• These shows always make me feel like I am too old for music. Judging by Miley Cyrus’ outfit last night, not only do I not understand music, I don’t understand clothes.


• Speaking of clothes, it looks like high-cut leotards and thigh-high boots are the new It Look. Or maybe it’s not new. Beyonce has been wearing leotards for years. Way to be original, Jennifer Lopez.

jennifer Lopez

I’m not sold on the red puffy Big Bird sleeves. Yet.

• Justin Bieber gets more insufferable with each passing day. Sorry Beliebers. Can someone tell me what is going on with his pants?


I know he’s just a kid, but does he not understand how pants work? Don’t inseams generally go higher than one’s knee? He pretty though.

• One of those girls from Destiny’s Child who is not Beyonce told me that if I don’t know from Electronic Dance Music, I should get out more. Then they played some truly unbearable, almost seizure-inducing crap that made me want to never, ever, ever go anywhere that is happening.

• Is is just me, or do musicians dress like science fiction characters?

erykah badu
white bathrobe? check.
ginormous golden rope epaulets? check.
huge gold cuffs from another galaxy? check.

• Nicki Minaj should be ashamed of herself.

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