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• This absolutely terrific post from the Freedom to Learn blog – The Most Basic Freedom is the Freedom to Quit.

• This post – What We Did When Our Son Was Failing School.

• Last week was my birthday.


I am now 42, which I recall from the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, is the Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, Everything. I need to make sure and remind my family of that. Perhaps it will give me a little extra cachet.

• Jim gave me a sewing machine, which I am SUPER EXCITED about! Meet Bernie –


I did a ton of research and polled all my sewing friends and determined that this is the machine for me. It has enough features to allow me to grow, but it wasn’t so expensive that I will feel like an abject failure if I don’t morph into an expert seamstress in the next three months. Oh! And she was ON SALE! Which, as you know, is the way into my tight-fisted little heart.

• My dear friend, Tressa, sent me this card –


– and for some reason felt compelled to emblazon the outside the envelope with “42.” This undoubtedly devastated the poor mailman who I feel sure thought I was barely 30 and was almost certainly working up the courage to start a flirtation with me.


• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up with your own Randomness below!

Happy Mother’s Day, Y’all

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Little came into my bed this morning and told me that what makes me great me is my hair.

“It’s not just gray, mom, it’s SILVER.”