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• I just heard a commercial for teeth whitening that boasted the “Stephen Baldwin Seal of Approval.”

Is that a thing? The Stephen Baldwin Seal of Approval? I don’t know how compelling that is, really.

• Also last week I heard that the Center for Disease Control has a whole page on their site devoted to the Upcoming Zombie Apocalypse.

Be prepared, people. Be. Prepared.

• Here is a REALLY interesting article on what happened when MIT sent tablet computers to two villages in Ethiopia with no instructions. Short version: the kids  – 2nd graders, who had previously never even seen printed packaging or road signs, never mind a computer – not only figured out how to use them, they figured out how to hack them.

• In Hysterical Non-Thinking News, a teacher who showed his 2nd graders gardening tools was suspended for “possessing, carrying, storing, or using a weapon” and for “negligently supervising children.” Jim and I have had discussions about whether or not our 2nd grader is ready for a pocketknife, but wrenches, pliers, and screwdrivers? Girl, please. Oh, and PS? The CURRICULUM REQUIRED A DISCUSSION ABOUT TOOLS. Tools in picture books? Sanctioned. Tools in real life? OHMYGOSHRUNANDHIDE.

What are they worried about, exactly? That the kids will see a screwdriver, exchange knowing looks with each other, and then go all Lord of the Flies on the school? I’ll bet that most kids are not hardened criminals, and the sight of a screwdriver inspires them to take apart their bike, not make a shiv.

• Random Pet Peeve: When autocorrect changes the spelling of my words and yet STILL shows me the little red squiggly underline that indicates a misspelling. Step off, you…you…you SPELLING DICTATORS.

• From Dawn, who sends me the best stuff – People Who Are Really Nailing This Parenting Thing.

• Happy Monday, y’all! Link up with your own randomness below!

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  1. Kristy Says:

    LOL, I really enjoyed your links today. Pretty funny stuff. That last one was the best!