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So I think I made a new friend. Like, an In Real Life Friend.

I met her at my knitting group. She doesn’t knit, she just hangs out with knitters. BECAUSE OF THE AWESOMENESS.

She has a terrific sense of humor AND she thinks I’m funny. Thinking I’m funny is like, my Number One Requirement in a friend. I, obviously, think I am hilarious and I slay myself all the time. Jim is used to me, so he’s not such a good audience anymore.  He’s spoiled, that’s what it is. This must be how Leno feels.

Maybe New Friend also likes thrift store shopping and used furniture shopping, so a couple times after the knitting group has broken up, we’ve gone thrifting.

Last week, I saw this TERRIFIC orange chair at one shop. It was $30, and I didn’t get it. That might be because the back of the car was already filled up with a truly hideous green bookcase that I am going to paint, but that’s neither here nor there.  Maybe New Friend HELPED me load the bookcase in the car! Someone who carries my stuff definitely has Friend Potential.

ANYway, I thought about the adorable chair ALL WEEK, and went back yesterday, hoping against hope that it was still there. Because who could pass up an awesome orange chair? WHO?

Everyone, apparently. It was still there AND it was now only ten dollars.


That is less than a trip to Starbucks!

I mean. I am just beyond in love with this chair.

It needed a little love, but a good vacuuming and a brush with some soapy water made him good as new –



There was a moment (Kristy), when I was crowing about my TEN DOLLAR score (Kristy) to one of my friends on Google Chat (Kristy), and I could FEEL her cringing at the thought of buying a USED chair for only TEN DOLLARS (Kristy).

And I don’t necessarily blame her at all, because used upholstered furniture? It has an ick factor.

But clearly this chair breaks the stereotypes, yes?

In the background is another one of my purchases, a set of lockers from a military surplus store.


In my kitchen.

Because I am cool that way (Kristy).


15 Responses to “TEN DOLLARS”

  1. Lisa Says:

    Deb, congrats on your Maybe New Friend. As one gets older they are harder to find. Not like that I am inferring you are like an old crone or anything. 😉

    And you have sublime taste girl. That chair and those cabinets are funky! I wish I could go thrift shopping with you. You are doing such a service to the environment by recycling too (well that’s what I tell my other half about all my hideous finds that I never get around to finishing)!
    Lisa´s last blog post ..T is for … “Tea Parties”

  2. Kristy Says:

    You have people’s used crap all over your house. Ewwwwwwwww. That’s gross.

  3. hikooky Says:

    Awesome score. I love orange, great chair.

  4. Rose Says:

    Obviously, Kristy is unaware of how cool keeping things out of landfills really is…..
    Rose´s last blog post ..Just for Nicole, a writing memory!

  5. chocolatechic Says:

    Orange is just a god awful color.
    chocolatechic´s last blog post ..4/22

  6. Tressa Says:

    My daughter, for one, would love that chair! Orange is her most favorite color. She tried to talk me into letting her paint her room orange. Do not do it. You can’t paint over orange.

    Anyway, I am not quite sure about the lockers. Maybe it is because they remind me about middle school.

    How sad is it that I was looking for the “like” button on Kristy’s comment. LOLOL!!

  7. Constance White Says:

    I love the chair AND the lockers! You are so lucky!

  8. Sarah Says:

    maybe some sweaty, hairy male nudist owned that chair. ewwww. ; )

  9. Karen@Candid Diversions Says:

    OK, I was so-so on the chair. And then I saw the lockers and died of envy. So cool!

    (I find that, despite being a homeschool grad or perhaps because of it, I swoon for anything school-house like. Lockers, desks, bells, yard sticks etc. It’s a sickness.)
    Karen@Candid Diversions´s last blog post ..Book Review – Humble Orthodoxy

  10. Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca Says:

    Before I reply to this post I want to respond to some of the responses:

    Kristy — I love that you commented here and did not back down from your “ewwwwww” stance.

    Tressa — my son has an orange room. It was awful, awful, awful to paint. And not much better to look at. I’m hoping we move before I have to paint it again.

    Sarah — it is not okay to be biased against sweaty, hairy male nudists! They have feelings, too! And CHAFING ISSUES. The chafing issues make them cranky. DON’T ANGER THE SWEATY, HAIRY MALES IN NUDEY PANTS!!

    And now I will conclude by saying I agree with Karen. I’m so-so on the chair. Not for the colour but b/c I am presently over run with chairs in my house and ALL of them aggravate my sciatic nerve. I am typing this while sitting on an exercise ball. It’s shameful really. I would kill (but only a sweaty, hairy, male nudist or some other similar type of lowlife) for an attractive or funky looking desk chair that was comfortable.

    What was I saying…? OH. Yes. I also envy you the lockers.
    Nan | wrathofmom.blogspot.ca´s last blog post ..What Xenu wants, Xenu gets.

  11. Tressa Says:

    Nan, We did one stripe of orange. Just one stripe! We had to paint over it when we moved. It took 4 coats of paint and we could still see it. 4 coats! It was terrible. I hope you don’t have to paint over it too.
    Tressa´s last blog post ..After 7 years of physical therapy, it is over.

  12. Eddie - The Usual Mayhem Says:

    I want those lockers.
    Eddie – The Usual Mayhem´s last blog post ..My Hen’s a Hoser, eh? The hen craft challenge!

  13. Julie Says:

    ok, we are usually on the same page on stuff, but I’m sorry to say, I don’t “get” the orange chair. The lockers on the other hand are da bomb! Did you get a good deal on them and what do you store in there?!

  14. Other People’s Crap | Kristy's Corner Says:

    […] virtual friend, Deb, who blogs as Notinadequate, recently showed off the hideous lovely orange office chair that she purchased at a thrift store for $10, to which her husband declared that I left the […]

  15. New Friend Says:

    Y’all are totally underestimating the awesomeness that is Orange Chair. That chair would likely have caused a fist fight except that New Friend was still on best behavior. Also I was sussing out who would likely win the battle. I like to know my odds going in.