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So I think I made a new friend. Like, an In Real Life Friend.

I met her at my knitting group. She doesn’t knit, she just hangs out with knitters. BECAUSE OF THE AWESOMENESS.

She has a terrific sense of humor AND she thinks I’m funny. Thinking I’m funny is like, my Number One Requirement in a friend. I, obviously, think I am hilarious and I slay myself all the time. Jim is used to me, so he’s not such a good audience anymore. ┬áHe’s spoiled, that’s what it is. This must be how Leno feels.

Maybe New Friend also likes thrift store shopping and used furniture shopping, so a couple times after the knitting group has broken up, we’ve gone thrifting.

Last week, I saw this TERRIFIC orange chair at one shop. It was $30, and I didn’t get it. That might be because the back of the car was already filled up with a truly hideous green bookcase that I am going to paint, but that’s neither here nor there. ┬áMaybe New Friend HELPED me load the bookcase in the car! Someone who carries my stuff definitely has Friend Potential.

ANYway, I thought about the adorable chair ALL WEEK, and went back yesterday, hoping against hope that it was still there. Because who could pass up an awesome orange chair? WHO?

Everyone, apparently. It was still there AND it was now only ten dollars.


That is less than a trip to Starbucks!

I mean. I am just beyond in love with this chair.

It needed a little love, but a good vacuuming and a brush with some soapy water made him good as new –



There was a moment (Kristy), when I was crowing about my TEN DOLLAR score (Kristy) to one of my friends on Google Chat (Kristy), and I could FEEL her cringing at the thought of buying a USED chair for only TEN DOLLARS (Kristy).

And I don’t necessarily blame her at all, because used upholstered furniture? It has an ick factor.

But clearly this chair breaks the stereotypes, yes?

In the background is another one of my purchases, a set of lockers from a military surplus store.


In my kitchen.

Because I am cool that way (Kristy).